No, Non-Believers are Not Increasing in America

Many Christians just assume that atheism and secularism are on the rise. Glenn T. Stanton expels this lie in this wonderful article that looks at the statistics and what they actually tell us. Many have read too much into the data and tried to say that atheism has grown significantly, even outnumbered those who believe in God. Atheism has grown, but barely. The idea that the Christian faith is going the wayside, is just false, simple as that .

No, Non-Believers are Not Increasing in America

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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

2 thoughts on “No, Non-Believers are Not Increasing in America

  1. I wonder how much the media influences our perception of Christian success in America? I turn on the TV and see vile shows and assume that all is lost, but maybe that just speaks to the compromise of Christians who’ll watch more questionable material? OR that the Christian market isn’t big enough to influence TV trends? Not sure.

    I also think that doctrine has faded into a peripheral issue for younger Christians and so larger and larger numbers are “unaffiliated” because they just love Jesus, not wishing to argue about doctrine…

    Interesting article, thanks for sharing!


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