Did Moses author the Pentateuch?

Sheri Bell lays out the evidence for Moses as the author of the first five books of the Bible. Seems to me that Moses wrote the majority of the text with later addendums. The idea of Genesis 1-11 being a later addition seems plausible as well.

Did Moses author the Pentateuch? | Sheri Bell

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3 thoughts on “Did Moses author the Pentateuch?

  1. Love Josh McDowell. There is also a good apologetics film called Patterns of Evidence (The Moses Controversy) that answers this.

    But, you know what. The Bible itself is self-evident about Moses authorship of the Torah (Pentateuch) which is just what Sheri shows!


  2. The argument put forth by the author concerning this important topic was incredibly weak, to say the least. Using the text in question as the main source of “proof”, while also sighting the “skeptic’s dictionary” in support of utter reductionism… back to the drawing board, I’d say.


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