An MIT Professor Meets the Author of All Knowledge

This college professor’s conversion to Christianity was encouraging this morning. It’s a good reminder that religion isn’t the dumb people’s club, and atheism isn’t the smart people’s club. The dichotomy is historically not even close, and presently proven false all the time by people like this.

An MIT Professor Meets the Author of All Knowledge 

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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

5 thoughts on “An MIT Professor Meets the Author of All Knowledge

  1. ON H2H; THANK YOU SUPASOULSIS Taz Thornton 🎯🔥🎤

    I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE!!! 😣 there, I Have Said It 🤓 ; phew, what a relief 😀 …it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that there ARE aspects of Human Behaviour that Really Piss Me Off; chief among which, or is that witch 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 , being:

    ♡ Hypocrisy & Sneakyness
    ♡ Contradiction & Confusion
    ♡ Rage & Fury
    ♡ Resentment & Sulking
    ♡ Blame & Finger Pointing
    ♡ Grudges & Vendettas

    …now, none of this is good for Creative/Business Practices and Personal Relationships; what d’yall THINK!!! 🤔 ?…



  2. Science, as we know it, owes as much to William of Ockham & Thomas Aquinas as it does to Pythagoras and Newton. The idea that science sprang from nothing during the Enlightenment is pure fantasy. It was rested on three millennia of Judeo-Christian morality & Greco-Roman philosophy.


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