Ep 30 Alyssa Milano: Self-Owns, Personal Beliefs, and the Science of Abortion

Bart Ehrman and intellectual scapegoats. Do we have the actual words of Jesus? A new argument for the Resurrection. Alyssa Milano’s god supports abortion.

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Bart Ehrman and the Scapegoat of Intellectual Objections: https://bit.ly/2FU5IP8

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Do We Have Jesus’ Actual Words? https://bit.ly/2UeBaRP

A New Argument for the Resurrection: https://bit.ly/2FOo7fY

Alyssa Milano’s Tweet: https://bit.ly/2HWNSOM


Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

One thought on “Ep 30 Alyssa Milano: Self-Owns, Personal Beliefs, and the Science of Abortion

  1. I wish I had the words to tell you how you can find proof. please listen to Chuck Missler 24 is the title of his first work on the Bible. Thank you for the posts. You can find many of his studies on YOUTUBE


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