The Historicity of the Exodus

Here is an article that lays out some evidence for the late date of the Exodus. I agree that there is evidence for an Exodus, and I also tend toward the late date. However, for a good podcast on both the early and late dates, I suggest to you The Naked Bible Podcast’s Exodus series with Michael Heiser, who I have had on my podcast before.

The Historicity of the Exodus

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6 thoughts on “The Historicity of the Exodus

  1. The skepticism will cease once people know what I have found, and shown on my site: that the world’s geological features, holy mountains, and holy sites are all arranged to each other in a basic,simple mathematical pattern. This math pattern continues into the stars, constellations, galaxies, and the cosmos. Why sites such as this will re-run other people’s philosophies on the nature of things, and ignore my findings, is called spinning of wheels, and that goes nowhere.


  2. See the 180 degree align of the Tohono O’ Oodham (Papago) Tribe “Mountain At The Center Of The Universe” with the southern-most point of the old Jerusalem Wall. See the 180 degree align of the site of the Miracle Of Our Lady Of Guadelupe, from center-point of the Basilica, with a caldera at top of Mauna Loa, Hawaii, see the image of the Virgin Mary (with a halo) in this caldera ! See the mathematical aligns of all the miracle sites of the Virgin Mary: Lourdes, Guadelupe, Fatima, Kibeho, Medjugorge ! These and many many more proofs at this site are where the ” wheel hits the road” !


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