Do We Have Jesus’ Actual Words?

Straight from his new book, Can We Trust The Gospels? Peter J. Williams makes the case that the disciples accurately recorded the words of Jesus. The Gospels are trustworthy and worth investing in.

Do We Have Jesus’ Actual Words?

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7 thoughts on “Do We Have Jesus’ Actual Words?

      1. It never works. I am Nazirite/”Fair-Sikh” and because of that I believe in an incorporeal and formless G-d. I dont believe in worshiping human forms and I dont believe humans can be divine… I mean I guess I worship sexy women by default but that’s just biology. Ideally though its good to stay grounded about the religious texts. Allegory is good enough for me


  1. Please see my site that shows all the holy sites of the world’s religions and Tribes, including Holy Mountains, and the continents, and geological landmarks, are arranged in a simple mathematical pattern based on dividing a 360 degree circle into equal parts. This simple arrangement of points, at basic angles, also continues into the Stars, Constellations, Galaxies, and the entire Cosmos. View my pages at my blog ( start at the oldest posts), also see my site that has all the books that proves what I say. My post today, showing the Microwave Map Of The Cosmos, is more proof that Jesus was, in fact, God’s Son. My findings also prove that Buhdda, Mohammed,and others where, in fact prophets and part of God’s message. See the neat alignments of Amritsar, too! We are all apart of God’s Kingdom, my findings prove this. Math and the positions of mountains and stars do not lie. I am sorry my websites presentations are of poor quality, do not let that stop you.


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