Are Science and Faith at Odds? Insights by Augustine

Sean McDowell quotes Augustine on the subject of science and faith. Science and faith are not at odds, and it is important that Christians understand this for reasons Augustine recognized long ago.

Are Science and Faith at Odds? Insights by Augustine 

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Published by Haden Clark

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4 thoughts on “Are Science and Faith at Odds? Insights by Augustine

  1. True science (that theorizes, observes, confirms, and often corrects) is not in conflict with God’s Word. However, our interpretation of both may get skewed by popular culture. One colleague at JSC had a simple solution: go to the source.


  2. Let me start off by saying, I don’t believe in religion. I do however believe that science and religion go together quite nicely. Theres no need to separate ourselves with choosing and comparing. We are all connected; until we all realize that & start acting like it the world will always be corrupt. Try this for yourself because you matter, & you do make a difference in this world. Instead of competing with one another, try to agree with someone you would normally dismiss on something, anything. That persons feelings and thoughts matter just like yours do. Try giving a compliment instead of giving criticism Peace+Love=Happiness


  3. Great passage that too many people forget. I have quoted it many times for both Christians and atheists who want to claim that all the early Christians always understood Genesis as purely literal science and I am just changing the story now because I want to accommodate new scientific claims.


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