Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe With a Beginning?

J. Warner Wallace explains the theories that have been proposed to salvage an eternally-past universe, that is a universe without a beginning. If atheists can somehow salvage a universe without a beginning, they can take away a strong inference to God. However, their desperation has led to some silly theories, which have been put to bed.

Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe With a Beginning?

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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

4 thoughts on “Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe With a Beginning?


    It’s Quite Often that We Get Irritated with Being Questioned; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I ALWAYS!!! Say to The Questioner:

    β—‡ “Your Answer to Your Question is InSide of You and I Don’t Have Your Answer InSide of Me. You KNOW!!! Your Answer but Seek an Argument, an Affirmation of Existing Beliefs or an Authentic Approach for New Information. I AM only Able to Share My Experience which is NOT!!! Your Experience πŸ€“ ; it’s My Experience and Mine Alone πŸ€— .”

    …I KNOW!!! when I AM Being Authentic rather than InAuthentic, Ugly, Fake, False and Fraudulent EveryOne πŸ˜πŸ™„πŸ˜Š because there is Next To No GAG in My Being; GAG Being:

    β™‘ Guilt, Shame and Embarrassment
    β™‘ Anger, Rage and Fury
    β™‘ Grief, Sadness and Depression

    …of course it’s NOT!!! about Elimination of These Ugly Things; because We ARE ALL Human after ALL so it is ALL About Our Effective Management of These Ugly Things don’cha’yall THINK!!! πŸ€” ?…I Do THINK!!! it Very, Very, Very Good for Creative/Business Practices and Our Personal Relationships to Manage These Ugly Things so how about You; what do You THINK!!! πŸ€” ?…




  2. You are all just spinning wheels, around and around, again and again. Please view the un-debunkable, and, interesting findings shown at my website and my blog ( with politics) at please view all the titles, and your past opinions and thoughts will then be forced to change. These findings, that God let me discover, are prophesied in many ancient texts and spoken-word histories throughout the world. This is what John The Baptist and the other prophets talked about when they said ‘making God’s crooked paths straight’. My presentations may be of poor hand-made quality, but, an ugly touchdown is still worth as much as a pretty one ! I have a better version on it’s way. Please help me spread these facts to the people, the medias and search engines are ignoring these truths. Your exclusion of these facts in your discussions, Haden, helps keep God’s message hidden. I bring you God’s Revelation at the End Times. The first clues to this puzzle ( The Intelligent Geometric Location of The Volcanoes And Valleys Of Planet Mars) were solved in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 21,22 2013.

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    1. I liked what you have to say and would love to help spread the word. There is a marriage present between modern science and theology. It does not have to be an either/Or proposition. It is amazing how some can get locked so deeply into nothingness that hope and belief becomes lost.


  3. Interesting article. There is nothing quite like a marriage between modern physics, ancient theology, and philosophical discourse. Something cannot exist from nothing, which in the end leads to the idea of what image did that something arise from? God perhaps?


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