Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy

Some Christians view reason as the enemy of faith. For this reason (pun intended), they reject philosophy. This philosophy (pun intended, again) is known as Christian anti-intellectualism. As you can hopefully already see, it is self-refuting. Nonetheless, some point to Colossians 2:8 to try and defend this odd philosophy. Only by ripping this verse out of context could you get an interpretation that would defend a self-refuting position.

Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy


2 thoughts on “Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy

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  2. Read the article, thought it was interesting, but I’m not sure where Evan Minton got his quote from John MacArthur. Checked his notes in his study Bible, even did a word search using my PC and that quote is nowhere to be seen. So, then I referenced his whole volume commentary set and again was found wanting.

    What MacArthur does say is this, “Philosophy is the love and pursuit of wisdom. Because everyone has a worldview, in one sense everyone is a philosopher” (p. 95). “By eliminating God and His revelation from the picture, modern philosophy has plunged man into the abyss of ignorant darkness and hopeless despair” (p. 97). “To abandon biblical truth for empty philosophy is like returning to kindergarten after earning a doctorate” (p. 101) “In either case, what these heretics offered [in Colossae] was not an advance in spiritual knowledge, but a retreat to spiritual infancy and demonic doctrine (cf. 1Tim 4:1)” (p. 102).

    There is nothing inherently wrong with philosophy, the error is when our philosophy either leaves or supplants the fullness of Christ Jesus (cf. Col 2.3, 9).

    The author of the article that you promoted would better serve himself and his readers if he would provide scholarly citation for a direct quote. When a person fails to do so, and their comments upon inspection have been checked and are found wanting it has the appearance of false representation. I hope that is not the case in this situation.

    In Christ,

    Kris Miller

    Cited Source: The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Colossians & Philemon (The Moody Bible Institute, 1992), WORDsearch 2015.


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