An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

Donnie Haflich dissects the problem of young people leaving Christianity perfectly and provides what I believe is a great solution. If young people have never been shown why Christianity is true, why would we expect them to remain in the faith?

An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To


5 thoughts on “An Unexamined Worldview Is Not Worth Holding To

  1. I can relate. I thought I was saved through my family when I was younger and that left me exposed to a lot of dark things. I found out the hard way what lies behind the veil on supernatural basis and I’d rather not see anyone else see the things I have.

    While I do agree it is a job for pastors and church leaders to tackle, this is more so on the parents for helping shape their worldview. Sunday only “Christians” leave little example to follow except it’s all superficial. To a parent who works with their children through their faith, they see real meaning and purpose behind what they do.

    But! Here’s where we backslide, we CANNOT force them to believe what we do. The choice to follow is there. We can mentor all day long and set the example, but if they aren’t going to listen then they won’t. The choice to follow Christ is up to the individual.


  2. ♡ There is Only One Faith, One Conviction EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that it’s Self-Faith and Self-Conviction…if You Do Not Turn Inwards and Have Faith, Hope and Conviction in YourSelf then You ARE Lost; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity that Reliance on External Divinity for Redemption is FOLLY!!!



  3. ♡ This is what Jesus Taught and was then Corrupted by Well Meaning Men; “Suffer the children to come unto me.” corrupted in to ‘CHILDREN SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD!!!’…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that “The Meek WILL!!! Inherit The Earth”; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity that ‘Grown Up’ Dictators WILL!!! Die and Then Resurrect with Another Opportunity to “Transfigure”



  4. Interesting post. Twofold, the Cost of discipleship isn’t always preached/taught, or significantly glossed over. Second, Discipleship is suffering in the Church. If Timothy had been raised in a home where he was challenged often concerning his beliefs, and if he being a disciple was intimately discipled by brothers in the Church, in the same way raised to know what he believes, and defend his faith, and to live it, then anyone, even a well trained prof who wants to shake Christ out of him, will not be able to. But we also have to consider, Many are called but few are chosen. Why should we ever hear of a pastor’s kid wandering away from the faith? It seems to us a mystery. And children often grow up among many weeds, the soil of the city life being a challenge to growth. Both in and outside the Church, there is an extraordinary number not living anything like His disciples ought. Even as an adult, if you’re a firm believer in marriage before cohabitation and sex, for instance, the dating pool may be sparse, and the critics fierce. Teach children in the Way they should go, and how…to stand up firmly in it. And doing this, even if they get to college or growing up too fast, without discernment, go wild a little while, they may yet see their folly and come back. It takes a village – – of interwoven believers – to raise a child.


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