The Fine-Tuning of Our Universe

Our universe is remarkably fine-tuned for the existence of life. The odds of a universe like ours forming by chance, are astronomical. This article presents some of those odds, showing you that this could not have happened by chance.

The Fine-Tuning of Our Universe | Upholding the Faith


One thought on “The Fine-Tuning of Our Universe

  1. One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is the effort to discover life on other planets. This is all well and good. But even as a child, as I stared at pictures of Jupiter, the red eye tornado, Uranus, it’s tilt and cold surface, going onto blackholes, quasars, and more, life was not my curiosity. I wanted to know how such planets and objects worked. I wanted to know what was out there. I wanted to understand how planets move around suns, how galaxies came together, and what fills in all that emptiness, which we’re believing is dark matter. To expand the interest in space, we need to see other areas of curiosity. If we find life. Great. If we find other mysteries great. Quasars are amazing. Atoms are amazing. And what can we learn in a zero-gravity environment? What mathematics are needed to understand. And more.

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