The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity: Is it Really Good News?

Alisa Childers takes a look at “progressive Christianity” and how it differs from historical Christianity on the four major questions of a worldview.

The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity: Is it Really Good News?


One thought on “The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity: Is it Really Good News?

  1. Good read. I dont know that I’ve had first hand experience within the doors of a strictly progressive church, but in some part progressive many are, or heard where a pastor ever said what is said of the progressive church here. Where would they agree, if they believed what little they do, that a congregation/ministry is even needed? But as I have seen, all who hate God dont just go and “eat, drink and be merry,” but make it their position to teach against God’s Way and make allegations against His Church. Since, if they reject God’s grace, and justification by the blood of Jesus at the cross, and sanctification by the holy spirit, then they reject Jesus and so Christianity wholesale. The prog church seems more humanistic, replete with coexist bumper sticker suggesting gravely wrong that there are more than one path to God and all paths may be fit; and antinomian, anti-godly instruction, saying things like, God accepts me, you, and everyone else, I’m good enough, worthy…just as I am. Sure, as some reader suggested, theirs is a secular gospel, which is a counterfeit that so indistinguishably set from the true Gospel it is as another religion, a religion of personal taste and existentialism, personal truth. I never forgot the reasoning Oprah, tv personality and retail partner of self-help and build-your-own-god book clubs, gave for why she doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible; she said, How can God be a “jealous” God … that’s not my God.


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