Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?

There are some Christians who fear that apologetics actually undermines the biblical notion of “faith.” They think that evidence and reason are at odds with faith. In other words, they believe faith is blind and that it is virtuous to believe without evidence, therefore providing evidence is not virtuous. This idea could not be further from the truth. The Bible does NOT promote blind faith and this article does a good job demonstrating that truth.

Is Apologetics Anti-Faith? | Robby Hall


3 thoughts on “Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?

  1. I personally don’t think Apologetics is wrong or something to be afraid of. It’s amazing seeing and talking about proof of God’s existence and what He has done.


  2. Thought provoking and true post. If we believe in witnessing of the gospel to our neighbor, friends, family and the wide world (termed by some as evangelism, the relational ministry of laymen), we need be ready to appeal to the yet unbeliever why the gospel is good news and so give reason for our faith in Jesus and His Gospel. Apologetics is that appeal. Certainly we don’t have blind faith, because first of all, our eyes were opened to our trespasses and sins against God, against His authority and Kingdom. And daily we’re to search scripture to prove and be And the yet unbeliver will not hear the gospel as good news, unless first they admit to themselves and God they are indeed sinners, and incapable of relationship and reconciliation with God by their own merit, efforts or works. So do we first establish the Law (the 10) before them, and it’s curse? Yes, for it is still upon all who do not have faith in Jesus. And that is how we ourselves came to believe, that it was demonstrated first our fallen from grace state, and then, that the grace of God is offered through Jesus who’s sacrifice justifies and establishes those who believe Him.


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