Why Would a Good God Allow Natural Evil?

Why does God allow evil? Some evil is the result of human beings’ sinful choices. But what about natural evil? Why would God allow hurricanes and other natural disasters inflict so much harm on human beings? J. Warner Wallace provides some possible answers.

Why Would a Good God Allow Natural Evil? | J. Warner Wallace

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4 thoughts on “Why Would a Good God Allow Natural Evil?

  1. Thought provoking. However I refer to the words of Lord Jesus. ” My Kingdom is not of this world “. Why try to defend something that is not Real? That which is Real cannot be threatened, that which is Unreal does not exist. The word exist means to stand alone or apart from God. If God is not a Omnipresent… this would be a lesser god. True?
    We Church today seems to be defending straw men, straw gods and creations of wood ,hay and stubble.

    Love and Peace


  2. I have a difficulty to understand the concept of ‘natural evil’. Nature has no intentions to do neither good nor bad. Nature, like life, just is, and it is us humans who like to label things assuming we’re the center of the universe. Nature has amazing force to either sustain life or to destroy life and I myself choose to respect its beauty and power, not to label it with limited human concepts of evil and good.


  3. Nature has its way of making things new again or restoring the environment. Take fires for instance. It brings new life back even better and healthier than before. We just get caught up in natures processes and label it as evil, or God is punishing us with the fire, flood or destruction. When God brought on the great flood, it was to eliminate the evil-doers of the world and start fresh, to make things better. After the flood, God promised us that he would not bring destruction on us like that again. It’s the natural process of how nature works and I do not look at that as evil. So what about the natural disasters that are caused by the way we have abused our environment? Do we look at God and say, why have you let this happen? No, I look at it as we have created the natural disaster by the way we have taken care of our environment over the years. God is not a God of confusion. If it causes confusion, it’s not from God.


  4. Have you ever considered that you might have simply mischaracterised the nature of the Creator, and His Creation?

    Why should the staggering amount of evil be source of enormous confusion for believers on God? Is there any legitimate argument, plausible pretext, or historically compelling observation to rationally feed and sustain the confusion? Is there any credible reason to even suspect that the world has somehow gone drastically wrong, as opposed to it simply performing precisely as desired by its mistake-free Creator?


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