There’s No Need to Panic (If What We Believe is True)

Never look in the comment sections. Never. Just kidding, but have you seen some of the vitriol that is vomited into these threads? People can be pretty nasty, especially on the topic of religion. Christians should lead the way in avoiding this kind of behavior and speech, though we are often the perpetrators of such egregious dialogue. One deterrent of this kind of speech is to know well the reasons for the faith. J. Warner Wallace argues that having a good knowledge of why Christianity is true can prevent you from reactionary responses to those who disagree with you. Keep Calm. Christianity is true.

There’s No Need to Panic (If What We Believe is True) | J. Warner Wallace

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7 thoughts on “There’s No Need to Panic (If What We Believe is True)

  1. So true. Fear often causes violent reactions to opposition. But if we are secure in our beliefs we can meet challenging comments with peace and civility. Honestly, I am amazed how one courteous comment can change the tone of a thread from hostile to civil. And in a civil discussion, good, wholesome, and sometimes even healing dialogue can take place between opposed parties. Fantastic article!


  2. I agree with the post title. Why is it so often the case that Christians in blogs react so poorly when their beliefs are challenged though?


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