Why Does Anything Exist? (Or, The Argument from Contingency)

This article is a good examination of the argument from contingency. It rightfully points out that the argument is not dependent on a universe that had an absolute beginning, making it a stronger cosmological argument in my opinion.

Why Does Anything Exist? (Or, The Argument from Contingency) | Cogent Christianity

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Anything Exist? (Or, The Argument from Contingency)

    1. Peace&Humanity+ In fairness most existentialist religious believer’s contend that G-d is existence itself. Although “Jesus” gets in the way of Christians and even atheists from realizing this. (-Jesus serves a different purpose.) Islam purports that G-d cannot be contained in a human form and is instead “infinite light” but it also falls into its own Anthropocentric trap -although this is more likely to be derived from the literary voice of its author Prophet Muhammad. In my opinion Sikhism; even if being a newer religion has a much better grasp on the all pervading concept of formless and incorporeal divinity. In Sikhism G-d is simply the animating force which drives all living beings and encompasses the approximative moral values commonly shared between them. This is why Sikhism puts so much religious emphasis on #Langer; which is a free meal open to everyone regardless of caste or even religion. “Faith without works is dead” after all. Ultimately G-d is for the individual to personally discover and trying to scientifically prove its existence is always and exercise in futility.


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