Is Faith Blind? Sean McDowell Answers

Do Christians believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible blindly? Or is there evidence and reason for belief? Sean McDowell discusses the nature of faith.

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4 thoughts on “Is Faith Blind? Sean McDowell Answers

  1. If you talk to Christians long enough you realize that for most of them their belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the Creator and Master of the universe is not primarily based on scholarship or historical evidence but on their own personal experiences involving this belief.

    “Jesus has performed amazing miracles for me.  There is no way they could have been coincidences.”

    “Jesus dramatically changed my life.  I could never have become the person I am today without Him.”

    “I was very sick.  I prayed to Jesus and shortly thereafter I was healed.  There is no explanation for my healing other than:  Jesus healed me!”

    The problem with this “evidence” is that people from every other religion, sect, and cult (Heaven’s Gate, for example) on the planet say the very same things!  Can they all be right?  Either Jesus is answering prayers, changing lives, and performing miracles for millions of people who don’t believe in him, or, all these religious people are delusional:  their personal experiences and changed lives have nothing to do with an invisible superhero in the sky!

    Check out this video for the evidence disproving this very common Christian delusion:


  2. My belief in God is not blind faith, the proof is all around me. Right in front of our faces, everyday. Jesus is the son of God and He died for our sins so that we could live forever in His presence. I will stand on that belief and share it with whomever will hear it. I do not question the Word of God. He gave it to us so that we may understand His ways and how we should live our lives. We need to share that and be a living example of what Jesus is doing in our lives. My faith is real, it is alive and it is not blind.

    Thank you for the article and getting us to thinking.


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