3 Reasons We Need More Women in Apologetics

I recently interviewed Lisa Quintana on my podcast. Lisa is a Christian apologist who works with an organization called Women in Apologetics. During our discussion Lisa listed three reasons that we need more women in apologetics.

A Different Approach

The Bible says that God created male and female in His image. The different sexes compliment each other, one needs the other.

It also isn’t hard to see that male and female, though they share a common nature, have their own unique nature. There is something particular about masculinity, as well as, femininity. What makes us different should be celebrated and valued.

Lisa pointed out to me that, generally speaking, women tend to be more grace-oriented and relationship-driven in their approach to apologetics, where as men tend towards the abstract in their approach to apologetics. I thought this was a fair assessment, on average.

Men have something to learn in this regard. If the aim of apologetics isn’t to win an argument, but to win a person (and it is), then men should learn to be more relational in their approach. Undoubtedly, being familiar with the more abstract concepts and arguments is important, but ultimately we seek to win a person, and this is best done by loving them. Our sisters in Christ, by way of their very nature, have much to teach us in this regard.

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Secondly, Lisa pointed out to me that, on average, women are usually the primary care-giver of children. She gave a good example of what she meant.

Let’s say a mother picks up her son from soccer practice and her son says, “Johnny said believing in God is no different than believing in a flying spaghetti monster.” If a mother is trained in apologetics she will be able to adequately answer her child right then and there.

Throughout the 18 years (or more) of child-rearing, a mother could have countless opportunities to prepare her children for dealing with a lifetime of objections to their faith. We all know the haunting statistics. Something like 70% of teens walk away from their faith upon entering college. The role of mothers in waging war against this statistic cannot be over emphasized.

Reaching Muslim Women

One last reason Lisa gave to me was that of reaching Muslim women with the Gospel. Lisa informed me that there are some sects of Islam in which women are not allowed to speak to men other than their husband. Obviously, this would remove the opportunity for any Christian man to share the gospel with a Muslim woman.

No worries, if there are plenty of women trained to know why Islam is false and Christianity is true, they will be well equipped to share the Gospel with our Muslim friends who live in a more rigid sect than others.


The role of women in apologetics cannot be overstated. We need more women in apologetics. We need more men in apologetics who will stand along side our sisters in Christ and “share the platform”, encourage, and lift up. Not because they need us, but because together we can accomplish much more for the glory of God. Apologetics needs women.

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11 thoughts on “3 Reasons We Need More Women in Apologetics

  1. A good Christian friend of mine recently posted a negative view of apologetics, citing a recent debate he watched, saying that it was just a big debate to see who is smarter, and if that’s all apologetics is, then why do we need it?

    I was crushed since I have so recently gotten into apologetics.

    But this post gives me so much hope that it isn’t a vain pursuit, and I can’t help but intuitively agree with Ms. Quintana and your points regarding how our apologetics need to be relational because we’re trying to win a person not an argument.

    I remember my pastor once saying something to the effect that we have to learn how to love our non-believing circle of influence better, because it’s so easy to slip into enmity when these differences in beliefs and values come up. He concluded by saying “They are not our enemy. They’re our prize!”


    1. The Bible in 1Peter 3;15 tells us to have a reason to defend our faith. If a person asks you with a quest to know answer, if they want to entangle your heart in endless debates, leave it. You might offend your heart and at times we don’t have all the answers.


    2. When people do apologetics badly and forget about the gentleness and respect part of 1 Peter 3:15, that shouldn’t be a call to quit apologetics, just to do it right. You’re right, it’s not a vain pursuit and it’s not about trying to see who is smarter. It’s about giving an answer, whether it be to your atheist neighbor, agnostic friend, nominal church member, or the questions that lie beneath the surface in your own heart. We need apologetics because it’s powerful, but like anything, it can be done poorly. What we should do in response is work all the harder to be the best apologists we can be, yet do it with gentleness and respect.

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  2. This topic fascinates me.
    I had a “Preaching with Imagination Class” in Seminary that was taught by a woman. This is at a Seminary who affilates themselves as Baptist and is known for having John Piper on staff at one point, which is wild, in its self. But, what I gained from this preaching class was insight from a woman preacher.

    Women want to connect and relate. I began to understand preaching differently through communicators like Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore, etc. Joyce relates to herself a lot, you learn from men in preaching class not to do that. Beth will stand inches from someone’s face in eye contact while many men are hooked on being immersed in the text and do not focus on the relating much at all.

    Both approaches are needed, but we don’t learn the part that women are naturally good at. Many times only the work world, or the PTA benefits from women teaching because of our theological barriers in this issue.

    Anyway great post. I look forward to hearing more.


  3. Amen! I used to have an old fashioned approach to women in ministry, now I see that we live in such a time when the more people sharing God’s love and truth the better. A testimony changed my perspective greatly. To put it shortly, a poor African tribe had never heard of Jesus, the only one who responded to the call was a woman on fire for God. She started a church right there in the garbage dump where they lived and from there many gave their lives to Jesus and money was raised to build a care facility for the children. Amen! God simply calls who is willing, male or female.


  4. When I went away to school to study in an apologetics program I was surprised to see so many other women there. I had classes with a half and half ratio and even one with more women then men. I had the pleasure of being at the first ever Women in Apologetics conference early this year and listen first hand to some of the great women apologists of our day. Apologetics needs more women yes, but women who need apologetics are rising up, getting prepared, and speaking out. We need to listen to them, learn from them, and support them as they do so.

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  5. Many Muslim women will only be able to learn about the Gospel from a Christian woman with whom she has developed a relationship. Most of the time, converting a Muslim to Christianity will require a relationship, not a one-time stop. Thank you for sharing this post! Blessings!


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