On the Alleged “Blind Faith” Passages in the Bible

Atheists love to tout that Christians are committed to “blind faith” while they are committed to reason and science. Even many Christians take issue when I say something like, “Faith is based on reason and evidence.” What reason do they have? (see the problem?) Abraham Mathew explains why the Bible does not promote “blind faith”:

On the Alleged “Blind Faith” Passages in the Bible – Abraham Mathew

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7 thoughts on “On the Alleged “Blind Faith” Passages in the Bible

  1. I am one who does not like or approve of the term “Blind faith”. There is nothing blind about true faith. It is believing the evidence “of things not seen” and the substance “of things hoped for”. That is not blind, but clearly seeing.


  2. God has given us proof of His existence through creation, the fulfillment of His word, and the Living Word, Jesus Christ. Christ said believes the works He did if not the words. He showed us God. That is not blind faith. He has proven Himself over and over again.


  3. Truly, when I look at creation, or the inner workings of my own body, I believe it takes more faith to believe this all came into existence for no apparent reason. The laws of randomness could not possibly create beautiful music, love or laughter. Thank you for this post.


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