One Game-Changing Tip for Responding to Skeptics

Timothy Fox explains a tactical approach to responding to skeptics’ objections. Why go on the defense when you can go on the offense?

“One Game-Changing Tip for Responding to Skeptics” – Timothy Fox

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4 thoughts on “One Game-Changing Tip for Responding to Skeptics

  1. This is on point. People love to put others on defense about all kinds of things. Often just to see how they will react. They want you to prove something to them that, by nature, they can only prove for themselves. It’s our job to encourage them to do that, not to conquer them in a debate.


  2. Another thing to remember is that the skeptic very often doesn’t want a real answer from you anyway. They are not “asking” the question or making the statement because they want to learn, they just want to attack. I found that out the hard way after wasting a lot of time trying to answer people’s objections/questions over the years. Now, at the most, I will give brief answers and then provide some places the person can go to study the subject for themselves. (After all, we are in the age of the internet. Any person who REALLY wants to learn can put the time in and do so).


  3. I’ve been beginning to realize that maybe the best way to engage someone is just to ask them to defend what they’re saying. Such as, “Why do you believe that?” Or “Why do you want to write that? Or believe that about Jesus?” I’m still learning to implement this plan, as I get nervous when contradicting someone, but logically, if the other person is the one initiating the conversation or proclaiming a fact, they really owe it to the listeners to justify their position. I am not obligated, as the listener, to simply accept it unquestionably.


  4. The Bible is not corrupt, Jesus did exist and was a founder of a cult, as I prove in my articles. Science is meaningless. I do not use any of the presented arguments.

    Jesus was a dangerous leader of a destructive cult that ultimately lead to the death of several people. (Jesus’ followers were persecuted and crucified).

    I do not take Christianity lightly. From the very beginning Christianity only served Jesus’ greed and narcissism.


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