Looking for God in Nature

Dr. Michael G. Strauss discusses how we should understand God’s action in nature. Have physical descriptions of the universe thwarted the need for God as an explanation? What is the God-of-the-gaps? Dr. Strauss argues that we can see the hand of God in every day activity.

“Looking for God in Nature” – Dr. Michael G. Strauss

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5 thoughts on “Looking for God in Nature

  1. I think the idea of The-God-of-the-Gaps (as used by Atheists against Christians) is overdone and not all that relevant.

    While I admit that people CAN get carried away and ascribe all sorts of things to God, nonetheless, ULTIMATELY, there IS one source that everything came from, God. That still is miles away from anyone believing this or that doctrine. But an ultimate source exists.


  2. Thanks for linking to this article! It’s exactly what I have been looking for and Dr. Michael Strauss articulates it so well. I often come across instances where science proves what the Bible stated so long ago.

    Nowhere near as deep as his findings, but just yesterday I learned about a research study which found that people a break after six days to be most effective. God set the example way back in Genesis, and with the fourth commandement. There’s a reason why He said Sabbath was made for man and not man made for Sabbath. I find that if I live by God’s Word, the world may not agree now, but will eventually find it is the way to a life well-lived.


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