Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?

Some say that we need no evidence for our faith, otherwise it isn’t faith. But this is a sorely mistaken understanding of the word “faith”. Robby Hall explains:

“Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?” Robby Hall

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3 thoughts on “Is Apologetics Anti-Faith?

  1. The writer used my life verse, 1Peter 3:15 and the reason I write, John 20:30,31 in his defense of apologetics. So, to answer your question, No, apologetics is not anti-faith but the reason for our faith, the evidence of our faith if you will.


  2. It is not a simple issue of one or the other. Jesus performed miracles, yes, so that His apostles would believe. And yet, Andrew and Philip followed Him immediately, without benefit of a miracle. They followed him by faith. Jesus tells us if we had faith the size of a mustard seed that we could command a tree to be uprooted and planted in the sea and it would obey. This is the measure and power of pure faith, and like perfection or sinlessness, it is something that we seek and yet it is impossible for us to obtain. Christ does not dangle these things before us to torture us with them. No. But, like his own example, he shows us the power of these things to motivate us toward them. The earth itself is the artistry of God. The eye. The organization of nature. They are the proof of God’s existence. We as Christians who have never seen Christ should be comforted and empowered by his admonishment: “Blessed are those who have believed without seeing.” I will certainly proclaim the “proofs” of God’s existence. I will purpose what I hope to be intelligent arguments up to a point, but I will not throw my pearls before swine. Nor will I trample my faith endless debate.


  3. I think writing can help us in answering people who’ve yet to ask us why we believe and follow Jesus. Experience also, of course. I haven’t answered very well in the past, but tried to, and study so that I may do better. Who might we encounter, and what might they want to know about our faith in Him? Where might they start such a question? Prove a miracle, prove a historic place from the bible not yet found, prove Jesus actually existed by some other reference not written by Christians, and so on. This notion of “blind faith” may be a good starting point. Was our faith at any time “blind”? I don’t think so. Unbelief was blind, and my blind faith then was in myself or the things of this world. Pitiful. We ourselves were blind in sin, and we recognized Jesus one fine day. Of his choosing. He shined clear as day, as having full sight and light and strength to see, by the power of his Word. He spoke truth, and my ears perceived it, that’s the first miracle, against the backdrop of all my experience in this evil world. What man is this who can walk perfectly without sin? I want to be like him. There are some who don’t see their sin so clearly, they don’t sense they’re blind. They refute the notion of sin, saying it’s a myth, and fooling themselves saying, Im good, and Im a good enough person. This is as it is without God’s grace showing our wretchedness to us being apart from him. There are some who are like what they call “functioning alcoholics”, but rather functional in their sin, whatever it is. They don’t see themselves, and yet they see someone else who cant keep it together as they do, and with scorn say, Why can’t you manage! Im glad I couldn’t manage, or I might not have been on my knees, praying, God, if you can hear me, forgive me, and help me, and teach me your way. My own way is garbage. But how do we give proof of God first having given us invisible grace to see and believe? No, perhaps it is better to show a man that what they trust in materially or himself or his ways or his philosophy or his science, is the much weaker thing to have such great faith in. But i confess to have a weak faith and weak strength! This may surprise them. But a faith that grows, nevertheless Gof makes me stronger, I reside in a God who can do anything, even with me, having had for so long such little faith. And i once was like that man who constantly fell down and couldnt keep it together. But now I walk, and stumble… less, even much less. Not perfectly yet. But my faith is that God will complete what he started in me. And I can name, one by one, his works through me, and he adds to these, the changes from the old man i was to this new man I am. You just cant argue with a man’s experience walking with God, this is his testimony, and keep it. It may be impossible for a man to change as we Christians do, and not stumble before mockers like a baby who cant walk. But in time, God makes us all walk in faith as we ought, no stumbling about.


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