Clues that Jesus is the Angel of the LORD of the Old Testament

This article details some of the passages in the Old Testament where “The Angel of the LORD” appears. The Angel of the Lord, distinct from an angel of the LORD, has equality with God, and would appear to be the second person of the Trinity, Jesus.

“Clues that Jesus is the Angel of the LORD of the Old Testament” | Christian Apologist

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9 thoughts on “Clues that Jesus is the Angel of the LORD of the Old Testament

  1. I’ve studied this subject in depth and have come to the same conclusion. There is a lot more in the Bible than most people realize because they only learn church creeds and beliefs rather than actually studying the Bible themselves. The Bible contains a very big, and a little complicated story, of why we are here and what God is working out. Most people seem to have no clue about 99% of it.


    1. This should be printed and framed. Absolute truth. I know because I was one of those people until I took the time to read through the word from cover to cover, more than once. There’s so much more there than many Christians know.


      1. SnapperTrx That was me as well! I’ve been through a lot religiously. Now I am not religious any more, I am spiritual and being lead by the Holy Spirit rather than flawed men. Do I know everything? No. Am I correct about everything? Probably not. But, I know a lot more than the average person sitting in church being spoon fed creeds and doctrines and I very much enjoy studying it all. Study on my friend! =)


    2. True, when the Bible was first printed by the Gutenberg press, in the common language, the people saw that there wasn’t many of the words and things taught them by the Roman church. Penance, pergatory, buying forgiveness of sins from the church. Those were a twisted, greedy and deceptive hoax. Who can believe them then? Or now? Some still do, sadly. Thirsting for the Word of God, some people sought it vigorously, and found it clearer and clearer, not from mans authorities and traditions and human law that obscures God’s intentions, but God’s authority and Councilor. It was this same church which bears its allegiance that banded with Roman authorities for prestige and worldly safety, and goods and architecture and keeping idolatry – and squashed the revealing of the Word of God, and did kill many faithful, in order that they remain powerful and rich as like princes, being served not serving. Reading this interesting book, A short history of the Christian Church. It spells out the abuses of the Church at the hands of the unrighteous. Nearly 1500 years of abuse and corruption. And at times I laugh to myself, they’re such impostors and like scurvy little spiders, weak and stupid, but vicious and cruel. At ije time there was 3 popes, 2 deposed but refusing to step down, and one that two sets of cardinals chose in different councils. It made me laugh! Unbroken succession of ordained popes since Peter, they say to this day? No way! Strip them back, strip away their corruption and wickedness, and we should have a better look upon that of the of the apostalic Church. Or as you say, crack open your Bible and dig in! But then I wonder if we’ll encounter the same things the early church did. False teaching creeping in, gnosticism and paganism and asceticism, and returning to Jewish temple worship and sacrifices, people who want a verbatim creed, and councils, edicts, and then heads of Church becoming like popes and emperors. History of the gentile Christians sounds like the history of the Jews, idols, will worship, judges, kings, massacres and bondage to a power like Egypt. Not all, but many. A remnant remains, God keeps his work intact and a people, and this people was and is or now repents and becomes faithful and righteous to the end, bearing their cross and follwing Him, witnessing, just as they ought, because they love the Lord, hear and obey His voice.


      1. I didnt mean to stop and say only 1500 years of abuse and corruption and obfuscation of the Truth. It continues! They’re still at it, they take no rest, they devise and plot evil even in their beds and in their sleep. Oh Foxe’s Book of the Martyrs was a good read too. A student of the Word, and of history and not an acceptor of man’s tradition – what does one of the psalms say, something like correction comes with many advisors. Not all from the same camp, or you’re only hearing one thought. A blind man gives blind advice, and a hundred like him do the same. Hear out the wise and righteous in the Lord and then even so verify diligently in the Word, everything. I heard something the other day from a late radio pastor i forget who it was. He says, you know how you tell a Christian, ask him about spiritual truth, and the one who finds it riviting and gets excited, that’s the Christian. The other wont know what to say, he finds it boring, or doesn’t know much. Thats not always true i think, but a fervent studier of the Word loves it and wants to talk further about it. Have a blessed day, all of you.


      2. Yes! I loved what you wrote about asking a person spiritual truth and see who finds it riveting and exciting…thats the true Christian. I hits home to me!


  2. Whether I agree with this or not, I appreciate that you are sharing information that inspires thought and further study. As with other commenters here, I believe too many people are misinformed and need to remember that we need to study the Word and trust the Spirit to reveal it to us. Sharing things like this can help one dig deeper because they feel that “wait” sense in their spirit that tells them something doesn’t make sense and they start researching more. The conclusion for some of the things folks argue about is sometimes worth far less than the process of studying and what you learn about God and yourself along the way.


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