The Odds of a Cell Forming Randomly by Chance Alone

Mark Goodnight commentates on the works of Intelligent Design scientists Dr. Stephen Meyer and Dr. Douglas Axe to show the improbability of a cell forming by random processes.

“The Odds of a Cell Forming Randomly by Chance Alone” – Mark Goodnight

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2 thoughts on “The Odds of a Cell Forming Randomly by Chance Alone

  1. The odds are not even statistically nil; they are ZERO! If modern science cannot even synthesize all essential amino acids in pristine laboratories, then how could something as complex as enzyme/protein formation occur from inorganic elements in a theoretical primordial soup on a hellish early Earth? Also, oxidation along the way damages or obliterates many up- and downstream molecule formations. Genetic mutations lead to less viability or even lethality in organisms; it does not lead to a more perfect one! The inconvenient truth for evolutionists is that unicellular organisms, especially eukaryotes, are MUCH more complex — at cellular level — than multicellular organisms. Even the recapitulation theory, which has long been exposed as forgery perpetrated by Ernst Haeckel’s drawings, is still taught in middle and high school science classes as well as collegiate embryology courses as scientific fact. Even Darwin spoke of the complexity of the eye and how absurd it was to think that it could form in an undirected way; yet, he left that for future science to uncover the mystery. It hasn’t and NEVER will! There should be billions upon billions of intermediates in the fossil record; there are none that haven’t been discredited.

    We are taught — with great certainty — about the composition of the Earth’s core, yet the deepest borehole ever drilled was only a little over 7.6 miles deep. Drilling had to stop due to the intense pressure and heat. Not only that, they discovered pristine water that could not have seeped through the surrounding impermeable rock. Yes, they inadvertently verified the Biblical “fountains of the deep” from the flood narrative.

    The funny thing is, the more I learned about the various sciences, the easier I could poke holes in evolutionary THEORY! This is just scratching the surface. It is impossible to reconcile evolution with Creationism; the latter is the only truth that stands up to true scientific scrutiny. Although I disagree with the author that the Earth is an oblate spheroid, I highly recommend this book: “In the Beginning: Complelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood” by Dr. Walt Brown; more info may be found at

    Bottom line: We have been taught some #FakeScience in an attempt to discredit intelligent design by a majority of avowed atheists (and even some satanists). Creationists cannot speak up in most university environments for fear of losing tenure or their jobs.


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