Coming Soon: Help Me Believe Podcast

What will the show be about?

Travis and I will be launching a podcast soon. The show will be complimentary to the blog. We will have the same focus: strengthen the believer; answer the critic. We will continue tackling common questions that are raised by Christians and skeptics alike.

I am also working on lining-up some interviews with apologists, philosophers, theologians, and other thinkers. I already have one lined up and can’t wait!

Where will it be available?

I plan on using PodBean as a hosting site, and I’m currently working on linking that to iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else I can.

All podcasts will also be available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Where your support will go:

By supporting our ministry, you will be enabling us to create superior content. Your support will help us produce content on a regular basis by allowing us to focus more time on the content. We will also be able to reach more interviewees.

What you will get for supporting:

  • Bonus Podcasts and Videos
  • Early-Access to Podcasts and Videos
  • Input on what topics we will cover

What benefits would you like for supporting?

By all means, let us know what kind of benefits would make you want to become a supporter of the new show. I plan on making benefits possible for just $1/month. We want to create the best experience possible for our viewers/listeners, so please let us know!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, and we look forward to bringing you the best of apologetics and theology that we can!




5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Help Me Believe Podcast

  1. Hyden and Travis, I have been following your posts for some time now. The most dynamic and powerful Christian Apologist to Islam is Dr Jay Smith, my college roomate. He has his own youtube channel PfanderFilms, and works with Ravi Zacharias, i2 Ministries and several other apologetic organizations.
    I am sure he would be willing to participate in a short podcast interview if he is available. If you are interested, please email me at for details.

    Great work and keep it up!


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