Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Non-Canonical “Gospel of Nicodemus” or “The Acts of Pilate”?

J. Warner Wallace writes about the “Gospel of Nicodemus” and why it isn’t considered canonical. What happened to Nicodemus and Pilate after Jesus’ resurrection? Read to find out. Let me know what you think!

Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Non-Canonical “Gospel of Nicodemus” or “The Acts of Pilate”?

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13 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Non-Canonical “Gospel of Nicodemus” or “The Acts of Pilate”?

  1. I didn’t know there were such books in existence. They certainly have my curiosity piqued. I guess I would have to read them in secret because I’m sure to be condemned by the Christians in my church. I’m not even sure my husband would let me.


    1. There is a lot of evidence for the proof that Jesus was and is who he says he is.

      No there isn’t any contemporary or verifiable evidence at all, I’m afraid. Not a single scrap.


      1. Not to be rude Ark, but you say there is no evidence.. The disciples offered their testimony of what they saw.. and would not change their testimony to save their skin.. They must have believed Yeshuah was in fact resurrected as they claimed.. or they would have just gone on with their life and forgot the whole ordeal as they were ordered to do.. satan himself said “Skin for skin! All that a man has he will give for his life.
        They would not change their story and all but John were killed..
        It takes more faith to believe we just evolved and their is no higher power.. Even if you NEVER believe in God.. He loves you and one day when you die.. you will meet Him, and He will tell you Himself.. before you face your final judgement.. Only those who have never heard.. never had a chance to believe will be spared.


      2. Also not to be rude, Mary Ann, but
        have you done any actual research outside of what your Pastor may have told you or what you gleaned from bible study class at Sunday School?


      3. I can not say I have done deep research like a college professor.. I have read the complete works of Flavius Josephus, and he didn’t have any dogs in the fight.. since he was not a christian. I realize many say his writings are disputed. I have listened to many debates from both sides, and in the end I feel it all comes down to faith.. One can believed the world and mankind evolved and it is survival of the fittest.. that the cosmic microwave background created our universe.. or that everything was created by an intelligent higher power.. In my way of thinking man and the universe are to complex to have evolved.. The process of conception to birth, and sustaining life through the same body. Archeological discovery’s that show humans did migrate and through intermarriage we have people groups.. Biblical writings record how the king brought apes and peacocks by the ships of Tarshish. This explains that man and animals migrated throughout the world. Some scientists are starting to see intelligent design and researching further. People who do not believe in God will not see through the same eyes as a believer.. If you are only taught evolution and never seek other possibility’s how will you discover if there is more to life.. or if you simply die and turn to dust.. I realize atheists believe we are trying to lead people into a fairy tale.. a mythical god that can be found in every culture throughout history.. In the end it all matters who holds the truth and what you decided to believe.


      4. You nailed it with faith.
        If this is the approach you choose to follow then it it based solely on how you have been brought up or how much you accept as an adult ( if you arr a born again christian)

        There is NO contemporary evidence for the biblical character Jesus of Nazareth.

        As for evolution… it is fact.
        I hope you are not in any way leaning toward a Young Earth, as this would be simply ridiculous.


      5. Arkenaten,
        I could be wrong, but you seem like an intellectual.. If you search literary writings you will find that many wrote about Jesus.. There is evidence that He existed.. While some saw Him as a criminal, and found joy in His death.. others saw Him as The Son Of God, and mourned. If you set aside any writings of those who believed.. You can still reference those who did not. Lucian of Samosata, Celsus, Pliny the Younger, all mention Jesus, or Christos. rabbinic writings such as the Talmud state that He was the product of fornication between Mary and Joseph. That His miracles were done by divination and He died as result of His own sin against G-d.
        Rabbi’s despised Him and wrote as such.

        There are credited scientists who have doubts about evolution.. Dissent From Darwin is where they state their claims. They are not religious, and are claiming there are issues in the science.

        I do believe in creation, but question a young earth.. Archeology has found petroglyphs of man alongside dinosaurs.. I have read the gap theory and it may help explain why people feel the earth is billions of years old. Have you ever read the book of Job? it seems to depict that man and dinosaurs coexisted.


      6. Thank you , I aware of all the ”mentions” by those you have listed,but as I keep telling you, there is NO contemporary evidence for the biblical character Jesus of Nazareth.
        Pliny mentions Christians, not Jesus.

        I do believe in creation, but question a young earth.. Archeology has found petroglyphs of man alongside dinosaurs..

        Really? And where are these petroglyphs if I might ask?

        Evolution is regarded as fact.
        I hope you are not referring to Intelligent Design?
        Re: Dinosaurs.
        Unless you are referring to the carvings in Utah, supposedly identified as dinosaurs by idiot Young Earth Creationists, which have been debunked,of course.

        Also, as the last official dinosaur died out around 65,000,000 years ago , how on earth could humans and dinosaurs have co existed?


      7. No I am referring to the petroglyphs found in various places around the world. Cambodia for instance depicted carvings of dinosaurs. I was not aware of when dinosaurs became extinct. I was referring to archeology that found what seemed to be footprints of man and a very large creature, such as a dinosaur.


      8. The Cambodia petroglyph is another silly carving claimed to look like a Stegosaurus by idiotic Young Earth Creationists and has been refuted.

        If you have no idea when dinosaurs went extinct how on earth can you make any assertions regarding them?

        The footprints are part of The Paluxy River Trail, and are a known fraud. Simply Google it.
        You stated before you are not a Young Earth Creationist yet every archaeological claim you have put forward has been right out the YEC handbook.
        Please, for goodness ‘ sake, do your homework before you fall for nonsense like this.


  2. In my early years at junior school I was given some books by a 95 year-old man who would have been born about a 160 years ago today. His influence, and that of the other older members of my family, seem quite relevent to me today, as would those of their elders to them. The influences of his elders, and others coming indirectly through uncles, aunts, cousins and friends, take me back well over three hundred years, which in historical terms is recent and verifiable.
    When we consider writings from well over one and a half thousand years ago, we risk thinking them too far past to confirm or deny. But this is not the way to treat them. We must remember that to their contemporary readers they spoke of times which are equivalent to us of the Industrial Revolution or later. The large number of witnesses of the original events some three hundred years earlier would have led to many thousands of family and social accounts with they could be compared.
    We should not dismiss those which were accepted at the time of writing but should look instead for any that contradict them. If there are none that is good evidence for their validity even if set in eye-witness terms after the event.
    Thank you for following my blog, it has been a struggle lately for outside reasons but I hope to keep posting monthly and get back to fortnightly later in the year. I look forward to reading more of yours.


  3. I have read the lost books of the Bible.. but not The acts of Pilate..
    Even the book of Enoch that offers knowledge only has one translation that could possibly be trusted.. it is the earliest translation, others have been corrupted..
    I only trust scripture, extra Biblical books I believe should be read with discernment..
    Remember the eye is a gate to our soul 🙂


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