Is Christianity at War with Science? | Sean McDowell

Is faith really against science? Sean shows how there is only a shallow conflict between Christianity and science and that the real conflict is with naturalism.

Source: Is Christianity at War with Science?

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22 thoughts on “Is Christianity at War with Science? | Sean McDowell

    1. You mean this enemy? “He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, 3 and threw him into the pit, and locked and sealed it over him, so that he would deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be let out for a little while.” This “enemy” that your god works with to damn Christians who have spent an eon under Jesus Christ’s rulership, after every non-believer is murdered?


      1. Wow, what a jumbled mess of thoughts. The enemy of Jesus Christ is the devil and all his demons who rebelled against God Almighty. He will punish those evil demons for going against the all powerful God. And whoever sides with them chooses the same fate. God is good and kind and loving and also holy. That is what people don’t like. They don’t want to be responsible to obey God, they want to do what they want to do. This is the problem. God is worthy of worship and obedience. No one He created is as good as Him or worthy to be Him. That is truth. ❤

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      2. Yes, Revelation is a jumbled mess of thoughts. It doesn’t make sense with your claims about demons and god. And you try to ignore it, something that is supposedly inspired by your god. Your god works with Satan per the bible. And you do your best to deny it. How curious.

        Is a god that works with its supposed archenemy “worthy of worship and obedience”? I don’t think so. Evil is evil if one is to believe your religion. Good and loving doesn’t work with evil and intentionally tries to corrupt those who believe in it so it can send them to hell.


      3. Truth is truth. I do not create anything. You will see the truth when Jesus returns and I hope you choose to speak to Him sooner. May God bless your journey and may you find forgiveness for whoever hurt you so much.❤


      4. so, it is true that your god will work with Satan? Why would you think that ok, Tonya? And no one hurt me, Tonya. That is a lie that Christians tell themselves when someone doesn’t agree with their religion and points out where it fails. I came to the conclusion that no gods exist because there is no evidence for any of them. And threats don’t work. Christians have been claiming that their god will come back for 2000+ years and nothing at all has happened. If we are to believe Jesus, he was to have come back during the lives of his contemporary followers. Paul et al invented the excuse of second coming because their prophecies failed.


      5. Thr Bible has endured throughout time as truth because it is true. A lie never lives so long and no book on earth has been so proven. A Case for Christ is a good book to try to prove the Bible as false. The “threat” is merely a future truth that will happen and a warning that it is going to happen pretty soon and to be ready. God is above Satan and that fallen angel is defeated already, trying to take as many souls to hell with him as possible in rebellion, speaking in fluent lies, which you are foolish enough to believe right now. And the proof of God is you, creation, the complexity of it, the order of it. That is truth. They stand against the lies in your mind. There is one God and Jesus is our way to Him. Do your research before you speak foolish lies you bought or it will be at the price of your eternal soul. Again, truth and not “threats”. Don’t be lazy or ignorant.


      6. No, tonya, the bible is no more true than any other set of myths. Your bible fails repeatedly in its promises and supposed prophecies. But by your claim, then we can accept that the Qu’ranis true, that the claims of Hinduims is true, etc. Do you agree with that?

        A Case for Christ is an amazing failure. I’ve read it. The author thinks that since there are historical mentions of Christians, this means that Christianity is true. However, by that logic, that means *every* religion is true since they all have believers.

        All you have is a little threat because you get angry that anyone dares not agree with you. Each generation of Christians is sure that the second coming will happen in their lifetime and they all have died wishing that were true but their god never made it. You will too. What will you say on your deathbed when your god failed you?

        It’s rather fun to watch you ignore what your bible says about your god deliberately working with satan. It’s always good when a Christian decides to ignore their bible.

        Most, if not every, religion, claims that “creation” is the evidence for their god. None of you can show this is the case and that the others are wrong. Nice attempts to call me lazy and ignorant, Tonya. I’ve read the bible, as a believer and as not. Have you read it at all?


      7. I feel sorry for you. You believe in God but worship the wrong one, your finite mind. The ones fighting hardest against it are the ones closest to it. Ask yourself, if there is no God, why are you so angry and argumentative? If there is no God, why ever be upset about anything? Anger within you and that angst is proof against you. I am at peace but you are at war with your moral and internal consciousness. I continue to defend the truth for my moral consciousness and because I love you and want you saved because Jesus loves you and wants you saved. And you are wrong. Every prophecy has been proven true or will be pretty soon here. Anyway, we will see who is right pretty soon. God bless you in your journey to Jesus. I pray you get there soon. I will pray for you. Good bye. ☺❤


  1. This is not so much a war but a deception…that science can’t line up with God’s Word. The “Case for Creation” is a great book that really helped me. There are many good ones on the topic of Biblical creation.

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  2. I’ve never understood the non-believers assertion that God and science are at odds with one another. Science affirms God; that there was a designer who created things in a way that all the parts work together. To me one of the biggest flaws in big bang/evolution is that its a statistical impossibility for “nature” to get everything right. I mean, if I think of it in terms of a billion piece puzzle that I just toss into the air: There’s a possibility, though a small one, that two matching pieces will land on the ground snapped into each other, as they were meant to be, but big bang/evolution supposes that the entire puzzle landed with all its pieces in its proper place to make a perfect picture! Take the human eye as an example. Its comprised of so many pieces that, if they aren’t working in tandem correctly or formed correctly, the eye doesn’t work! Now multiply that by all the systems in the human body, then by the bodies of all the plants and animals on the planet, then the planet itself! Only a designer could be so precise and complementary.

    Science affirms God, and in no way disproves Him.

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      1. 1. Look it up yourself.

        2. Creationism works because God is who He is and can speak things into existence. He is the father of science. He created it, but exists outside of it. Science as we know it exists in this physical realm. I can no more prove “creationism” using the scientific method than I could prove God exists via the scientific method: It doesn’t apply. Believers take it on faith as we take many other things on faith. We see the things recorded in the bible that are historical fact, we see predictions and prophecies that have come to pass and because we see so much evidence of truth we also take those things which we cannot prove but are told of as truth. The scientific method cannot be used to explain “the big bang” or evolution either! Much of that has to be taken on faith in a similar fashion because there is no evidence! Who was there to collect samples or observe the birth of the universe? Science can speculate all it wants – it has no proof! Or where is the proof that a single organism has “evolved” beyond what it was meant to do? There is none! Its all taken on faith, albeit a different kind of faith.

        Science has done nothing to disprove the existence of a creator, merely shown that the created follows specific parameters and methods.


      2. You correctly note your belief in a god-created universe is based on faith, which is fine. I had found the claim of it being science-based to be erroneous, but would now consider us to largely agree on this since you replied that you cannot confirm a god or creationism based on scientific principles.

        Evidence for the Big Bang includes the amount of light elements in the universe and the cosmic microwave background. Evidence for evolution includes : 1. Islands that have never been a part of a continent having no terrestrial mammals, amphibians, or freshwater fish; 2. All but one marsupial being native only to Australia; 3. The Geologic Column containing less-evolved fossils the farther down it goes; 4. Richard Lenski’s ongoing e. coli experiment; 5. Comparative anatomy between species; 6. Transitional fossils such as Archaeopteryx, Tiktaalik, and Lucy; 7. The Florida lizard that was observed developing a beneficial toe pad that enabled it to escape an invasive species; 8. Vestigial traits; 9. And species that exist only on isolated locales such as Iceland, Palau, and Madagascar.


    1. so, how do we know it’s your version of this god and not some other god. Where is your proof that your god is the creator? Or is this something you’ll insist that we take on faith, even when you are desperately trying to make believe that science affirms your god and trying to claim that there is evidence for this?


      1. I’m not here to convert you. There’s a wealth of online resources with more in-depth information, references and cross-references to the authenticity of Christ, His claims and the case for Christ over other so called “gods”. If you’re a man of history its got enough information to keep you busy for years. Aside from that all I have is faith, and that’s all I can offer you beyond the recommendation of history. I’ve seen the power of God through a number of life experiences that are too accurate for happenstance or blind luck, and that only served to further cement my faith in Him. Anything beyond that and, not being a believer yourself and not understanding the things of God, will simply be silliness to you, which is fine. I merely wanted to make my opinion heard by our gracious host.


      2. There is indeed a lot out there that makes the same claims you do. However, it fails rather badly if you actually read it. I’ve read a good part of them and no, they aren’t historical at all. All history shows is that there are mentions of Christians who told stories about a character named Jesus Christ. Now, if that makes something historical, then all gods are historical in that there were followers of them.

        You make claims of evidence and then you claim that other than that you *only* have faith. But then you try to make claims about other “life experiences”, which I am guessing you mean how your god has helped you. Other religions make the same claims, that their god is evidence in their life experiences. And it’s curious that you would claim that if I am nto already a believer I can’t understand. That doesn’t work if you want to claim that trying to convert people works. You can’t have it both ways.

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  3. In that the bible makes false claims based on an ignorant superstitious view of the universe, there is no reason to think that it is a war with science; it has nothing to do with science. We have a creation story (actually two) that cannot be shown to be true (where do those cities come from?), or any different from the thousands of other creation myths. We have a claim of a flood 30,000 feet high, which has no evidence to support it, and we have creationists making contradictory claims on how it “must” have happened. They can’t even convince each other, much less anyone else. We also have this religion making claims about disease injury and mental illness that were entirely wrong. We also have failed claims like the city of Tyre being destroyed so no one ever finds it. Funny how tens of thousands of people live there, and archaeologists know exactly where the older bits are.

    We also have theists making claim that this god “revealed” modern medcine, etc, to humans. Now, why did this god hate so many people that dared to exist before it “revealed” these things, that it let them intentionally die by its inaction?


  4. There isn’t any war btwn science and Christianity. But I’d say rather deception and lack of acknowledgement on the part of science. The real war is between evil and good.


  5. The C. S. Lewis book, Miracles, has a lot to say about Naturalism in setting up the foundation for Lewis to introduce miracles. There is also a large number of scientists devoted to ‘explaining’ one miracle or another. Their theories are scientifically sound, and fascinating, but it still requires faith and the hand of God.


  6. Science is great but scientists try to circumvent the fact that there is a Creator involved in creation. To argue with scientists is a never ending debate but Christ brings enlightenment. The Bible says that only a fool says in his heart that there is no God. But simply by looking outside window will you notice evidence of a divine maker. Science isn’t bad but it’s the agenda that it pushes to neglect the existence of the living God. Satan uses it to make people believe that there is no God. Consequently he makes people believe that God isn’t real, he stays in the shadows, and he accomplishes his goal.


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