3 Reasons You Need Apologetics in a Secular Age

Timothy Massaro from Core Christianity writes about 3 reasons apologetics is essential in the modern secular age: https://corechristianity.com/resource-library/articles/3-reasons-why-you-need-apologetics?utm_content=buffer42f45&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer


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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Need Apologetics in a Secular Age

  1. Great Link! I have another one anyone interested in Apologetics should see. Dr Jay Smith (my college roommate) is a world-renowned Christian apologist on the real origins of Islam and the Q’ran. Take a look at http://www.youtube.com/PfanderFilms. His methodology in apologetics has revolutionized the ministry to the Muslim world.


  2. 1. Apologetics explains Christianity to a modern audience.

    In fact, Christian apologetics tends to obfuscate and then reinforce already indoctrinated beliefs. Is is always on the back foot, trying to maintain a rear guard action action against the ever-growing body of scientific evidence that refutes the foundational tenets of Christianity.
    Adam and Eve and Original Sin, Noah’s Ark and the Flood, and Moses and the Exodus are three prime examples.

    Similar scholarly and scientific endeavors are continuously being used to uncover more and more of the New Testament as well, showing where text is fallacious.


    1. Science cannot refute miracles without circular argumentation. A miracle is by definition a suspension of natural law by God. So you can’t say that miracles are disproven by appeal to natural laws ( i.e. science). Science is not in itself incompatible with miracles, only scientism is. Also could you point out some of these places where the text of the New Testament is supposed to be fallacious based on science?


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