Would Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Spell Doom for Christianity?

What is the probability of E.T. Life? What would be the implications for Christianity if we were to find life beyond our planet? Guillermo Gonzalez  explores these questions in this article: http://www.equip.org/article/would-extraterrestrial-intelligent-life-spell-doom-for-christianity/


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35 thoughts on “Would Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Spell Doom for Christianity?

      1. I’ve read the book of Enoch and I’m not surprised the church removed it from the cannon. It describes the origin of a lot of things. Have you ever heard of black eyed children?


      2. That they are alleged ETs, vampires, or ghosts; it’s just adding false information/urban legends into the mix to confuse people. Most have been conditioned that ETs are evil entities from other planets. Earth is a special Creation, and it is not a planet as we’ve conditioned since solar system mobiles were attached to our cribs. How can we live in a heliocentric solar system when the sun, moon, and stars were created on the fourth “yom?” Research the etymology of the word “planet;” in reality, they are “wandering stars.” Satan has been at work for a very long time to make us feel insignificant — when God knows the number of hairs on our heads (Matthew 10:30 and Luke 12:7).


      3. And, you have a right to believe whatever you want. However, there is nothing in the Bible nor extra-biblical texts to support that claim. But, that kind of belief demonstrates that you have taken the “conditioning” hook, line, and sinker. PLEASE study the Bible plainly and simply. If it’s been awhile since you’ve done so, start with Luke, Acts, and Romans. The former two were written to Mattathias ben Theophilus (referenced simply as Theophilus), the chief priest of Jerusalem in 65-66 CE; those were explicitly written in chronological order based on eyewitness accounts.


      4. Of course I won’t take a chip. They are possibly an urban legend, but I think a lot of creatures in fairy tales are real, but are just now being let out so to speak.


      5. It’s NOT a chip! Again, you have been “conditioned” to think that way. The “mark” in Greek is “charagma;” see http://biblehub.com/greek/5480.htm. It is a stamp or engraving — probably some form of tattoo.

        You are correct that most, if not all, from MYTHOLOGY were real. Titans, giants, Ra, Horus, Anubis, etc. The latter three were the result of genetic engineering; the Egyptians wouldn’t have put that much effort in documenting something that wasn’t — in stone! Titans were likely part of the 300 fallen angels. Giants were their progeny. Fairy tales are a completely situation completely; those were fabricated. All cultures from around the world preserve stories of “star people” visiting them and sharing (forbidden) knowledge. You claim to have read 1 Enoch, so you know that to be true.

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      6. Eithe way I’m not going to take one of the RFID implant. Thank you for the link on further information on the Greek. Have you ever heard of Tom Horn, Steve Quayle or LA Marzulli? The book of Enoch describes which fallen angel provided which forbidden knowledge.


    1. Really? What is the definition of “extraterrestrial?” Is El Elyon (God Most High) of Earth? What about the Holy Spirit? Yahoah, the firstborn of Creation? What about seraphim, cherubim, arch-/angels, and the rest of the Heavenly host? BY DEFINITION, they are extraterrestrials!


      1. God is no extra-terrestrial. He is the Creator of all life on earth, in Heave and in hell.
        That is the extent of life and no other creations exist.
        To believe otherwise is to contradict Him.


      2. My full response is awaiting moderation. Obviously, you do not understand the definition of “extraterrestrial.” We were made in the image of the Elohim. Or, do you deny the Genesis account of Creation? Elohim is the plural of Eloah.

        BTW, there is no such thing as “hell;” that’s a purely fabricated construct. There is She’ol/Hades where there is Paradise for the righteous dead and Torment for the unrighteous — with a gulf between them. Both await resurrection. Upon resurrection, the unrighteous will be thrown into Gehenna with Behemoth and Leviathan after the Great Tribulation as well as Satan and his minions after Christ’s millennial reign on Judgment Day. PLEASE STUDY THE SCRIPTURES!

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  1. The only beings that are a threat to mankind is Satan and his demons (falling angels) . We are in a spiritual warfare . But true Christians know the answer. The Bible shows us at the end we win. So anything presented in any form of evilness is satanic. Jesus our King will be back because He promised and the Kingdom of God will be on earth. Read through the book of Revelation with this understanding and you will see the truth.

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    1. Just know that after the Great Tribulation, there is still a thousand years to go before Judgment Day and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (i.e., Christ’s millennial reign). Those beheaded for Christ during the Great Tribulation will be resurrected and will serve as priests (of the order of Melchizedek) during His reign; they will not be judged. That is the FIRST resurrection. Only those in She’ol Hades from Abel forward will be part of the SECOND resurrection and will be judged. Non-believers in Christ will be judged by the Law of Moses, found guilty, and thrown into Gehenna. Believers will be invited to the Marriage Supper between Christ and New Jerusalem on the New Earth. That’s exactly what Revelation states. Who is taught that in their church or synagogue?


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      1. mmmm interesting. I agree with the most of it but not in the sequence of order. Everyone will be given a chance to understand the truth of God and repent before they are judged and condemned or blessed.


      2. If you disagree with the sequence, it’s because the Word has been mangled by the clergy who taught you. I ask from you two things: 1) pray for the seven Spirits of Yahoah — among are wisdom, understanding, and knowledge (https://haderech813935171.wordpress.com/2018/02/01/revelation-study-the-seven-spirits-of-yahoah/), and 2) study Revelation plainly and simply. The Holy Spirit will be your Helper and Teacher — just as the Scriptures state. #QuestionEverything


      3. BTW, almost everyone is given a LIFETIME “to understand the truth of God and repent.” The exception are those who die during childbirth or early childhood, but they have a covering if either parent is a believer in Christ.


    1. Again, to say that extraterrestrials don’t exist is to deny the Father, Holy Spirit, Son, seraphim, cherubim, arch-/angels, and the other Heavenly host. They did not originate on Earth; therefore, by definition, they are extraterrestrials. We have been “conditioned” that extraterrestrials are from other planets in the form of greys, reptilians, or whatever — nothing could be further from the truth! However, the Elohim — or family/tribe of El — certainly exist; they even have a different language (1 Corinthians 13:1).


  2. so i guess the main controversy is if God is defined as an extraterrestrial being (my belief is that he is because he is outside of the earth). And if we do come across a different life form, we can’t say yet weather they would be good or evil because we haven’t come across it. What if God created another form of life that we don’t know about? for all we know, they could be reading the same bible with the same views about us. Thoughts?

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    1. It’s not just “God;” it’s the Elohim, which are the family/tribe of El including El Elyon (God Most High or the Father), Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), Yahoah (Tetragrammaton; firstborn of Creation; preincarnate Christ); 6-winged seraphim, 4-winged cherubim, no-winged arch-/angels, and the rest of the Heavenly host. The Genesis account clearly states that we were made in the image of the Elohim. The singular form of Elohim is Eloah. The domain of all of these is Heaven — not Earth. So, you are absolutely correct in that they are extraterrestrials by definition. We know of the 300 fallen angels, aka Watchers, who abandoned their assigned stations in Heaven, descended to Earth at Mount Hermon, had sexual relations with “daughters of men” (i.e., women), and their progeny were giants (Heb. Nephilim). They also taught forbidden knowledge to mankind. They built “high places” (i.e., pyramidal structures) all over the world; Yahoah (mistranslated as “the Lord”) HATES those “high places.”

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  3. Indeed, if extraterrestrials came to Earth, they would not be Christians. Religion is a human construct, which may have started out as a way of attempting to understand things, and later got used to control the masses.

    Even ON Earth, right now, there are BILLIONS of people who are not Christians.

    Diving into the realm of Christians, there are over 50,000 brands of Christianity available for purchase. What they have in common, besides some of the basics, is that each one believes that THEY are correct, the others are wrong, and that anyone who is not on their team will burn in a fire for eternity. That’s the “loving” part, I suppose.

    It is fascinating to note how a group’s beliefs and behaviors can be used to identify their geography. American Christians are unique to the rest of the world. Fewer than 7% have actually read their Bible [source: Pew]. One would think that an eternal life-or-death end-game would motivate them. Adding more curiosity is that just over 50% of them change churches or beliefs at least once in their lifetime, with the primary reason cited as being “boredom” [source: Pew]. If my eternal life depended on it, I’d not get bored.

    But this happens because Americas don’t put any work into their beliefs. In fact, they put so little work into it that you can tell they really do not believe what they claim to believe. This is evident in how they behave when someone dies, or their great level of fear in considering their own death.

    Instead, they wear the label of “Christian,” judge others who are perceived to be lower than them, and nothing more. These Star-Bellied Sneetches do nothing to make themselves better people, and do very little to improve the world.

    Imagine someone who has the “gift” of Christianity, and yet they do not open the gift. They cling to the shiny box. As one Christian told me about not reading the Bible, “I don’t need to READ it, when I BELIEVE it.”

    It is as if a door is opened for them, and instead of stepping through, they hang onto the door handle with fear. So imagine someone who claims to have enlightenment, clinging to an unopened present, holding onto the handle of a revolving door, and flipping the bird to anyone who is not doing what they are doing.

    This is the American Christian who voted for Donald “TWO Corinthians” Trump.

    But it is not too late for anyone reading this, for you can still make a difference for yourself and the world. First, accept that clinging to the present, clinging to the door handle, clinging to a god and Jesus, clinging to a bible, clinging to prayer, clinging to crosses and artifacts, and the like, is NOT what constitutes “Faith.” In fact, “Faith,” by its very definition, means letting go.

    If your god met you at the pearly gates and asked you to trade places with a non-believer, would you have the faith? Or would you refuse?

    The best approach is to first put work into your Bible study. Have a better understanding of it than I have, as an Atheist. Devote your time to it, over all else. No Netflix, no Facebook, nothing. Read it and study it as if your eternal future depends on it, as one would claim.

    This is how you begin to open the gift.

    Continue by engaging in real prayer, not the kind that children do at the foot of the bed before they sleep. Take a few weeks or a month off. Go into a closet, as commanded in Matthew 6:5-7. No phone, no computers, no conversations. Nothing. Pray all day and night, and then do it some more. Really look inside yourself.

    Now you are ready to discard the wrapping paper. Give your bible to someone else, because you no longer need it. Give your god a wink of knowing, and let him/her know that you now have faith. This means you’ve done your homework, you’ve engaged in prayer, and you have an understanding.

    You can now discard the wrapping paper. No more bible reading, and no more prayer. You’ve already opened these gifts, and can now revel in the wonder that these gifts should bring to you.

    Finally, you are ready to let go of that door handle and set foot upon the path. This means living a life of example. Few American Christians have done this. The names Fred Rogers and Jimmy Carter come to mind. They never told anyone that they had to be a Christian, read a bible, go to church, or pray. They never said anyone was a sinner, broken, horrible, less-than-human, or hell-bound.

    Instead, they lived a life based on what they studied, learned, and practiced. They saw the good in others, regardless of what they believed or did not believe. They extended kindness, love, and a helping hand.

    I have never believed in my entire life. Ever. I wasn’t raised into it, or told that any of Christianity was good or bad. As a result, I am lacking the things put into childrens’ heads when they are young, which is required to believe.

    What I have learned is that belief is not a requirement to live a life of example. I do my best to do it every day, and it is not motivated by post-mortem reward for doing it, or post-mortem punishment for not.

    I grew up in a small Midwest town, where self-declared Christians ostracized me, treated me like an animal, and then looked down their noses at me as they walked into their churches. Out of curiosity, I read their Bibles [KJV and 1969 Paraphrase], and determined that they were not practicing at all. They did not believe what they claimed to believe.

    With that, I decided that I could work on myself, without the aid or burden of religion, and strive to make myself a better person. It is always a work-in-progress, in that it never feels that I’ve reached a place. Every day is a challenge. But I promised to not treat others in the horrible way that Christians treated me.

    In your tagline, it says, “HELP ME BELIEVE.” To that, I would say that you do not really need to believe. If you do feel that you need to believe, and yet cannot, then it is important to ask yourself why you need to believe. Is it out of selfish concern that you will burn forever? In other words, is it fear-driven?

    This is a question that only you can answer.

    Since I’ve written so much here, I will probably not comment on other stories. I’ve said what I have to say. Regardless of what you find, or do not find, I hope that you can find peace in all of this. That seems to be rare commodity on this earth. One would think that a loving god who supposedly exists, and who supposedly created this, would have done a better job for the humans it claims to love.


  4. You hit the hornet’s nest with that post. However, it led me to finding out about a book, Evolution: A View from the 21st Century, by James A.Shapiro that seems to be moving in the direction of a history of life (not evolution) that may eventually be very helpful for Christians who are tired of the same old arguments between evolutionists and creationists by bringing us into the present science of microbiology. Thus providing us a new and possibly solid biblical understanding of how God did life.


  5. Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this – but I found C S Lewis’ “Religion and Rocketry” in “The World’s Last Night” a very interesting read in this topic… in fact, I’m pretty sure the author of the article you linked to was quoting from that very paper 😜

    Thanks for sharing 😁

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  6. Look, this is easy.

    1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
    2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep…

    (Full stop.) So if God created Earth, then God is not “of the Earth”. The name we give to someone who is not from the Earth is… an extra-terrestrial or alien. It’s really that simple. The Bible is telling you in the first line of the first chapter what’s what.

    Unfortunately, most of you don’t want to hear this.

    Not that it should matter much, but there are many many different types of aliens and they come from many different places. Some are good, some are evil, some are in-between.

    The original Hebrew in Genesis refers to God in the plural for some time before it reverts to the singular form. “Elohim” is grammatically plural.

    Islam includes the Old and New Testaments in their own religious canon, btw. They believe that Allah is God and vice versa. And the Quran actually says that God is from the star Sirius.


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