Did Jesus Have Two Dads?

You may or may not know it, but June is marked as gay pride month. This past Sunday, June 24th, thousands joined to march for gay pride. This included my cousin and her husband, who proudly marched in New York City. They posted a picture on social media holding a rainbow colored sign that read “Jesus had 2 DADs.”

This blog is not politically inclined, and this post is not meant to go against that grain. The aim of this article is theological in nature; I would like to explain the non-sense of the sign.

Did Jesus have two dads? Though not phrased exactly like that, many pastors, and even children’s Sunday school teachers, teach their listeners that God was/is Jesus’s heavenly Father and that Joseph (Mary’s husband) was His earthly father. Numerous passages in the gospels make it exceedingly clear that God was and indeed is Jesus’s Father. Luke 1:26-38 reports that Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Godhead. In the gospel of John, Jesus continually references His Father, God (see especially John 8:12ff). While on the cross, Jesus cried out to God, “Father, forgive them…” (Luke 23:34). Yes, God was and is Jesus’s Father.

What about Joseph? In a strictly biological sense, Joseph was not Jesus’s father. Jesus did not have any of Joseph’s genes. Nevertheless, His connection with Joseph was of utmost importance. In their respective genealogies, both Matthew (Matt. 1:2-17) and Luke (Luke 3:23-38) connect Jesus to Joseph. Yet, for theological reasons, it is imperative to notice how they do so. Matthew mentions Joseph as “the husband of Mary who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Messiah” (1:16). Luke says that Jesus “was thought to be the son of Joseph…” (3:23). Neither of them call Joseph the father of Jesus, but they do note the connection between the two men. It was also because of Joseph, who was from the house of King David, that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, fulfilling the prophecy of Micah 5:2 (Luke 2:1-7).

So, while not Jesus’s biological father, Joseph (alongside his wife Mary) did fulfill a fatherly role toward Jesus. To those who did not understand Jesus’s divinity and His conception by the Holy Spirit, it appeared that Joseph was His father.

So did Jesus have two dads? Not necessarily. God was and is His Father. Joseph served as His earthly father, helping Mary raise Him. But that really isn’t the issue. I honestly don’t have that much trouble with the phrase Jesus had two dads. If I were to say from the pulpit that God was His heavenly Father and that Joseph was His earthly father, that is in essence what I am saying.

My question is this: how does saying that Jesus had two dads promote the LGBTQ movement? God and Joseph were not in any sort of homosexual relationship. God the Father is spirit; He is not a sexual being. Joseph was a heterosexual male who was married to a woman. Together, he and Mary had several children of their own (Mark 6:3).

Trying to equate God and Joseph as Jesus’s two dads to two homosexual men raising children together does not work; Jesus was not raised in a two-father household. It doesn’t work scripturally and it doesn’t work theologically.


Published by Travis Flanagan

I am a believer, husband, and father who loves serving the Lord and the local church. I am currently an associate pastor of youth/discipleship and a pastoral research assistant for two pastors. Educationally, I have a BA and an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Criswell College. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Theology from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. My research interests include the early church and Greco-Roman voluntary associations (and especially the relationship between the two!).

30 thoughts on “Did Jesus Have Two Dads?

  1. The way you worded your opening is right on. Though not a political blog site, it is very important to be involved politically. I think many Christians who take the attitude of, “I’m not really into politics. I just trust in God. After all He’s ultimately in charge.”
    Yeah, God is ultimately in charge … However I think it’s prudent to be politically aware and participate in informed voting. Whether we like it or not, the decisions made by politicians directly affects our freedom to worship as we please.

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  2. Mary the Immaculate Mother of God did not have children with Joseph.
    She lived and died a virgin.
    She was Immaculately conceived, remained Immaculate throughout Her life on earth and, never broke the vow She made with God when She stated; Let it be done unto me according to your word.

    As for LGBGT, that movement denies God’s law entirely so no surprise that LGBGT will declare a grasp of knowledge of God whom they actively deny and actively turn their backs on.

    They have fooled themselves utterly.

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    1. Regarding your first point, can you provide any Scripture references that suggest Mary remained a virgin? The gospels seem to indicate otherwise, pointing out Jesus’s brothers and sisters. If He did not have a true biological father, these siblings must have been birthed by his mother, no?

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      1. I am no bible expert, simply full of faith in Jesus Mary and Joseph, but it is worth noting that at the wedding at Cana the groom was a bother of Jesus called so as Joseph had children by another before he was betrothed to Mary. If you are inclined, do check it out.

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      2. Jesus’s miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana is recorded in John 2:1-12. No where in that passage does it indicate that the groom was a brother of Jesus. Also, you state that your faith is in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I would caution you about putting your faith in anyone besides Jesus Christ.

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      3. You’re right. There’s no mention of who the groom is related to. Also, Matthew 13:55 says, “Is this not the carpenter’s son? Is not his mother called Mary, and his brothers James and Joseph and Simon and Judas? And his sisters, are they not all with us?” Also Luke 8:19,20 says, “Now his mother and brothers came to him, but they were unable to get near him because of the crowd. So it was reported to him: “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside, wanting to see you.”

        So Jesus had at least six siblings. When Joseph was told by God to travel to Egypt to escape Herod there was no mention of any other children that Joseph had from another woman. Therefore the scriptures indicate that Joseph and Mary had several children together. Mary did not remain a virgin her entire life.

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    2. Who told you about Mary? The lamb that speaks with a dragon’s tongue? This is part of the mother cult of Asherah. Read your bible for yourself and accept Grace!


      1. Hi Sonny.
        Mary Herself told me about Mary.
        It’s a long story but it’s true.
        I was brought up in spirit (4/July/2014) while attached to an MRI scanner.
        Following that event where no word was spoken except by me, I was invited by the Blessed Virgin to visit her shrine at knock in county Mayo.
        I never believed that story and always believed a scam was pulled off by a greedy parish priest.
        The Mother of God showed me just how wrong I was and gave me the Image in the sky; view it in my about section.

        Either you see it or you don’t. If you don’t I would suggest you study it for a very long time. It will reveal much to you.

        p.s. Just to state, the spirit at Medjugorje is of Satan but at Knock it was most certainly the Mother of God and She appeared with St.John and St.Joseph, both visible in the Image and also at Knock the Lamb was present with the Cross upon the Altar and surrounded by angels.
        God bless you.


  3. I agree Travis. As Believers in Christ, we don’t like to see people being misled in God’s name. It’s frustrating when something is taken out of context and used to seemingly support something that is actually so contradictory.

    It’s deception. It’s camouflaging. It’s taking a veneer of Truth and wrapping it around a big fat lie, and saying, “There, now it looks like a truth, right?”

    I remember a conversation I had with a gay friend. I met him once in a restaurant over lunch to tell him that I had changed, that I had accepted Jesus as my savior. My intent was to break off my relationship with him as it were, and although I didn’t attempt to “convert” him, I wanted to share with him the joy and peace and relief that I had found in pursuing Christ. I was attempting to share the good news, but also drop the bad news that I couldn’t participate in that lifestyle anymore.

    His response to me was that it was okay, that he understood, that he also loves Jesus and that everything was good. His message was that he would live with his Jesus as he pursued his gay lifestyle, and I was free to follow my own Jesus. We could still be friends.

    I was new in my faith, and I was quite relieved by the absence of a fight or an argument. We wished each other well, and went our separate ways. I didn’t know how to tell him that he misunderstood the concept of Christ’s love for us.

    My friend wrapped himself in a truth, Jesus does love us, and he loves us as we are. But the rest of the truth is that Jesus loves us and gives us access to God’s very Spirit through himself, in order that we would follow him. Jesus desires us to follow him through our struggle and our very own desire to reject God that we would eventually arrive at a place where we are acceptable to God through Jesus.

    The truth is Jesus does love us as we are, but Jesus does not expect us to remain as we are. Our walking with Christ is a walking away from the deceptions of this life, and towards the truth of God himself.

    There is no other direction with Jesus.

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  4. Good post.

    We need to hammer every nail. You should read C. S. Lewis’ “The Abolition of Man”. If you haven’t already, it’s one of the works I find myself going back to over and over again.

    Thanks for following my blog, BTW. I don’t normally leave these types of posts, but with the excellent content of your blog, and the general scholarship of it, I had to.

    One thing that has really helped me is understanding Paul’s message that we’re not to convert people to the gospel with Wisdom.

    You should really look into Jordan Peterson. Like, he’s interesting because he’s shifting the argument away from God to a more Gnostic outlook that the stories of the Gospel are what’s important. He’s driving with people like Stefan Molyneux and Ben Shapiro to define moral ethics without the need for God. They’re going off of the Zarathustra myth Nietzsche invented, of man inventing a valid moral system. It’s really deceptive because the philosophy is antithetical to the Gospel, yet they posit it in a frame of reference using the typology of Christ.

    It proves that Satan is always one step ahead of us in the intellectual realm. Atheists are really close to quantifying a morality, and it will probably look really similar to the Torah’s morality. Already they conservative movements are beating down the SJWs and are implementing a shift back to Masculine dominance and traditional hierarchies. It’s kicking the Liberal’s butts, but we need to have an answer for this group of people. They’re going to be the next wave of Atheists.

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    1. Continued…

      And it’s really simple to know that the Law is written on our hearts. So, science will eventually find a correlation between Biblical morality and healthy lifestyles and happiness. They’ll never be able to find causation, as evolution seems antithetical to everything we’re taught about morality, but the Gospel will correlate to a generally happier lifestyle, and with the Utilitarianism being espoused by people like Molyneux, it will be an interesting shift in the debate.

      We need to prove the gospel with power. By that, showing the work of Christ in us. The Antichrist system will be all the conservative morals of Christianity, only it will be without God presiding over it. That’s the last phase.


  5. I liked your post! And I share your views, as a Bible-believing Christian woman. Some of us have more than 2 dads…I had one bio, 1 step/adoptive, and still have the best one, our Heavenly Father. May He bless you and your family abundantly 🙂

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  6. The “Jesus has two dads” signs is simply proof-texting. Pointing to the Father and Joseph as a way to condone homosexual relationships while ignoring the rest of Scripture is a dangerous but not uncommon hermenuetic. Equating Jesus’ hypostatic union with two men in a same-sex marriage is kind of absurd. Glad you’ve addressed this 😀

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  7. Saying Jesus had two dad’s is a wild swipe at the Christian establishment by the LGBTQ movement. The Church is perceived as holding the LGBTQ back and this is an attempt to thumb their noses at Christians. I don’t know why the LGBTQ agenda cares about Christians at all. Shouldn’t they just live as they please and ignore Christians? Christians certainly aren’t seeking a stamp of approval from the LGBTQ’s for going to church.

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  8. You can find someone with a title or even a doctor to tell you what you want to hear. Read God’s word for yourself and reject all manmade ritual, rules, doctrine and walk in grace. Follow Jesus not a reverend, church or divided denomination. Hebrews 12:15. Be the Church!


  9. Great write-up. Very insightful and I agree with if wholeheartedly.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW, thedailymormon.com. Please stop by again soon.

    All the best,

    Patrick Laing


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