Can Science Explain Morality? Sean McDowell

Can science and evolution adequately explain the origin of objective moral values and duties. Sean briefly answers this question.

Source: Can Science Explain Morality?

Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

4 thoughts on “Can Science Explain Morality? Sean McDowell

  1. I can explain morality with or without science since it’s a mental concept and not an actual real object. Science has better things to do, leave morality to us philosophers.


  2. Years ago, I had a friend who insisted we were little more than shaved apes– animals, no different from gorillas, monkeys, and the smartest of capuchins. My counter argument was always this:

    Not only does science fail to explain morality, but rather morality shouldn’t exist in a world where mankind is as a whole, little more than another group of animals. In a world of survival of the fittest, doing a kindness for another, or simply not intentionally harming another person is directly counter intuitive to the notion that only the strongest survive. Human beings are living proof. Charles Fort said it best by saying that macro-evolution only proves that “survivors survive”.

    This is not to say that science is not direly important to us as a species– it is as important as faith to the faithful. And this ridiculous jib-jab back and forth will continue until both sides of said “argument” are no longer afraid to admit that there are things they do not know. Those whose “religion” is science refuse to admit that they don’t know for sure where or not there is a higher power, and the most willfully ignorant of “faithful” blatently refuse to accept what we know to be factual, as proven through the labors of men and women whose were fueled by their deep-seeded need to know.

    The bottom line is that the only argument that is truly irrefutable is that balace is of the upmost importance– this is because ANY single force, completely unfettered, will become oppressive, unruly, and ultimately destructive to those who are in its path– whether logic or religion. This has been proven countless times before.

    Everybody is so concerned about being right about everything, about being the final authority, that they become as insufferable as those they claim to dislike. Two sides of the same coin, much like Janus, faces forever looking in opposite directions and unfortunately, to the detriment of us all, things will likely always be this way.


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