Does the Multiverse Discount Design? Quick Response.

The multiverse theory is the most common response to the fine-tuning argument. What is the best response? Sean offers 3 reasons it does not undermine design.

Source: Does the Multiverse Discount Design? Quick Response.

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7 thoughts on “Does the Multiverse Discount Design? Quick Response.

  1. Ah. I got an internal server error but I was highly interested to read. As the multiverse theory is topic I’ll be touching on soon. Thanks for the follow btw love your site


  2. A theory to help athiest
    evangelizing celebrity scientist explain away the
    miracle of life, found in
    this universe.So there must be a multidude of dead universes… of course.
    Impossible to prove, so impossible to refute.


    1. It’s impossible to show you another universe, sure. But for many physicists quantum effects are good evidence for the existence of the multiverse. They would argue that the only good way of interpreting quantum mechanics is the many-worlds hypothesis, so the fact that quantum mechanics is the way it is serves as evidence for them that there must be other worlds


  3. The idea of multiverses, if they come in existence from events, seems to remove God from his role of Creator. Also, at least in some versions, it keeps me from being a person with a particular responsibility to know God.


  4. The “multiverse generator” argument misses the point. There’s no machine that has to be designed and calibrated, it’s suffices that constants of the universes in the multiverse are generated totally randomly. It’s like with planets – there’s no “planet generator” but it just so happened that because there are so many planets in the universe there was bound to be one on which life could exist


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