Does Truth Exist?

In today’s pluralistic society, you might often hear this response: “What is true for you is not true for me.” It is often spouted in response to an exclusive claim like, “Jesus is the only way to heaven.” Some people find it offensive that I would make such a claim. However, I would argue that truth exists and it isn’t relative.

  1. Absolute truth exists. To test this statement all you have to do is show the absurdity of its negative. “Truth does not exist” is a self-defeating statement. To illustrate, if someone said to you, “Truth does not exist,” the proper response would be, “How do you know that is true?” Is it true that truth does not exist? You see the problem. Truth does not exist is a claim to truth, thus defeating itself.
  2. Truth cannot be relative. Again, we apply the same logical test to the relative-truth statement, “What is true for you is not true for me.” What if I say That statement isn’t true for me. Then truth would not be relative. Of course, we could continue this back-and-forth until our lungs give out. However, applying the statement to itself shows the same self-defeating fallacy.  Is relative truth true for everyone? What’s more, it isn’t hard to show the bias in such a statement. If I said two plus two equals four, you would never say, “Actually, I believe it equals five. Sorry, what is true for you isn’t true for me.” People only say this when it comes to religion or morality. For them, it is a cop-out.
  3. Absolute truth cannot exist on naturalism. So far, we have used philosophical reasoning to show that truth exists and is not relative. In a purely naturalistic worldview, why would we trust our mind’s ability to reason? The naturalist says that our minds are simply the product of millions (billions?) of years of evolution – natural selection of random mutations. If this is so, my thoughts can be reduced to nothing more than chemicals firing in my brain. Why would I trust that they are true? And if your chemicals lead you to one “truth” and my chemicals lead me to a contrary one, who is to say whose chemicals are producing the real truth? For now, I conclude that truth exists and is best explained by a worldview that isn’t purely natural. I would be interested to hear a naturalistic rebuttal though, so please leave comments!

Chemicals don’t reason, they react. -Frank Turek

Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension (allegedly) happened in space-time history. He made absolute claims. This means that his life and ministry are falsifiable. Either he was a real person, or he wasn’t. Either he performed miracles, or he didn’t. Either he was crucified and buried, or he wasn’t. Either he rose from the dead, or he didn’t. There is no “true for you, but not for me”.

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Published by Haden Clark

Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

23 thoughts on “Does Truth Exist?

  1. Completely agree. Pluralism is absolutely an impediment to the furtherance if understanding truth. We can often understand truth through natural means, but in the instances where science cannot produce sound truthful reasoning, we are left to turning to God to understand absolute truth. Thanks for posting.


  2. This is a great post Haden the concept of Truth. Truth is just one of those topics that can have multiple interpretations, but the One who is the Truth said so, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life.”


  3. Your truth is only true if you believe that the Bible is God’s Word and infallible. It is not true for people who believe otherwise. Belief is not a guarantor of truth. To assess something as being true requires proof in the form of evidence that can be confirmed and tested. The sun is a star around which the planet Earth orbits. This can be proven to be true. It does not depend on belief. I believe in God, but I cannot prove that God exists. Atheists do not believe that God exists, but they cannot prove that.

    Statement #1: There are things that have been proven to be true and things that have been proven not to be true.

    Statement #2: A statement can be true or false depending on who makes the statement. “I am male.” This is a true for me. If a woman said, “I am a male,” it would not be a true statement. So, whether something is true or false can be relative. In this example, truth is relative to who makes the statement.

    Statement #3: Neither is this statement true. God’s creation can be “natural.” I don’t believe in the supernatural. I think God created everything, so everything is natural. We only think somethings are supernatural because we do not understand how and why God created it. If God decided to create us and have us evolve to what we are today, then that would be God’s natural creation. And because free-will is so important to God, he would not make it mandatory that we all believe the same things. He didn’t do that. Furthermore, in instances where we cannot prove something, it is anyone’s guess as to what is true. Only people who believe that the Bible is the infallible truth because it is the infallible word of God think that they know the absolute truth about certain things. People who think the Bible was written by fallible men say that it contains many errors and contradictions. They present solid evidence to support their views. Those who contend infallibility because God wrote it, can not present any tangible evidence to support that position. It becomes a matter of faith. Faith cannot be proven to be truth.

    “What is truth?” is a question that can be discussed apart from theology. And no one has been able to answer that question in a conclusive and certain manner.


    1. Just one point I’d like to make if I may: The stories in the Bibel were chosen bei men, written and rewritten by men. And the truth has been hidden for centuries to suppress those who had to be controlled, and whoever doubted or put things in question, got tortured and killed. Also by the ( institution ) of the church – but in the name of Jesus. Jesus would have never done anything like this. So when you say that the Bible is God’s word, than the parts which had been removed and were rewritten, or those not even added, would have to be corrected. And the Truth one finds deep inside, where God speaks to us. Where love is felt and one just knows things feel pure and good and right. —— I am a Catholic, and I believe in God. I believe in Jesus’ sacrifice. But I believe greed has poisoned the minds of those who where supposed to help mankind, very early on. God doesn’t need mega-churches. ( I wrote a piece about that ) – however, the truth in my believe is what is found deep insight us, and as you said can be different for everyone. The Truth is not found in doctrines and rules made by men. This is an age old argument- I know, but the spark of God is in each of us. So we are able to find it. Even in our darkest hours. One doesn’t need evidence. Because one does not need validation by mankind. Hmmmm………. just a few thought and with all due respect of course.


      1. To thewintersdance, You wrote:”The Truth is not found in doctrines and rules made by men,” You are right in a sense, the Truth can only be found in the Words of ‘God Made Man’…Who is Jesus. Without this Absolute Truth, we can become lost in those dark hours, and the evil one is a clever manipulator of shadows…he can twist the light until we no longer know which way is up…so we must always be on guard, lest we start accepting lies for the Truth. As a Catholic you should know, that the evil one has poisoned the minds and hearts of man towards the True Faith from the moment he refused to honor God. Just my thoughts. God bless.


      2. And I agree wholeheartedly with you on that. That’s why we need to be strong in heart and soul and faith. The ‘spark’ I spoke of, the truth and the knowledge that one feels when surrendering to pure love and all what is good. I do believe that mankind needs guidance and comfort as well as reminding affirmations to stay on the right track, and not loose hope. ——- for myself I can just say that I have felt pure evil not just in man, despair , temptation to give in and let it all go; the only comfort and lifeline back was the knowledge deep inside my soul – no matter how dark it became around me, that God was in me and all around. So, yes, I do know the good, and the evil, and after being an altar girl as well as visiting all the catholic schools until college, I studied long and hard to find out as much as one possibly can about the Truth in religion – Christianity. And one has to admit that it is saddening and repulsing how those who were to spread the word of God, were mere politicians in many ways, collecting land and money and power – fooling and bleeding out those they were sent out to protect. But let’s not talk about the past. ——- My point was that the Bibel had been altered. Many times. If I’d ask for one super power than the one to be invisible and enter the archives of the Vatican. Learn about it all. The true faith is when you do good, mean good, speak good. Leave everyone in a better place than how you found them. And I believe us to be tools of God in so many ways, to do good and make a difference. But, No, I don’t believe when I read words which in my heart echo as lies to masses of people, which again lay it out in their own ways as they please. The Truth is love, light, to be a rock in the bay for those in need. For me that is hard to do as I lack the strength so often, never the less I will never turn away from trying. Be blessed as well. I like this exchange. I feel your kindness. And it’s a good feeling.


  4. Thanks so much for this post, Haden. This is not a “naturalistic rebuttal,” but rather a scientist’s response. Ironically, the brain is simply circuitry with connections occurring at synapses (chemistry). We used to say the “brain doesn’t change.” That you are stuck with the brain cells you have. Now we are starting to realize how wrong we were. The plasticity of the brain is astounding. We are just beginning to study how transmissions (thus communications) can become more or less likely depending on how we use our brains. That is, what we focus on and think about most, we become more likely to think about more. Chemically. Structurally. Sooo, when we consider: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Our brains are actually designed to do just this!


  5. Great post! I hear so many people today saying “follow your truth.” What would be more accurate is to say follow your beliefs or passions. Truth is truth, although different people have different reactions to it.


  6. Great post! Every single prophecy in the Bible has come true so far. Things described in the Bible keep being found in archeological digs. My son and I went to the holy lands a few years ago. The pool of Bethesda had been said to not have existed, yet they found it just as it was described in the Bible. People said that Pontius Pilate was not found in any records yet at Caesarea Maritima they found an engraved stone with his name on it. No matter how much it is tried to be disproved, both science and discoveries keep showing differently. There is absolutely no way, no matter how many years, that every cell in our bodies could form into such perfect ways as to function with such perfect order.


  7. YHVH (YaHavah) is the foremost teacher of Bible doctrine. The Bible is true. The knowledge of YaHavah’s truth is an experience in the fullness of YaHavah’s Spirit under YaHavah’s anointing through Jesus Christ; which is to be born again. The Bible’s teaching should be embraced in its absolute, yet, reachable truth. No matter how many changes various denominations have applied to the Judeo/Christian Bible, it’s overall context cannot be changed. It can only be totally rewritten, which becomes another so-called Bible, such as the Book of Mormon or Muslim Quran.
    Jesus said flesh is flesh and spirit is spirit. It is the same with understanding, human is human, and spirit is spirit. Human understanding has no place in explaining what the Spirit inspired Bible teaches.
    Psalm 32:8-9 — “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with My eye. Be not as the horse, [or] as the mule, [which] have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, or they will not come near to you.” YaHavah is very blunt but loving. Become as a child knowing nothing and seeking everything in YaHavah.


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