Who Created God?

When I was a kid, my sister and I shared a bunk-bed. Being the younger sibling, I had to sleep on the bottom bunk. I remember lying on my back, staring up at the bottom of her bunk, and my mind would wander off into what has been called “lala land”. Out there in “lala land” I would ask the silliest questions out-loud to my older, and wiser sister. The line of questioning would always go something like this:

Me: Who created these beds?

Her: People did with wood and tools.

Me: Where did the wood come from?

Her: From trees.

Me: Where did the trees come from?

Her: God.

Even children catch on to the regress behind everything. But where does the buck stop? Does it stop? The question eventually raised is: Where did God come from? Who created God?

With the rise of the so-called “new atheists,” this question has re-surfaced as a serious assault against those with faith. However, this question is quite elementary. The simple answer is that God wasn’t created. He is the Creator of everything – including time itself. He is not bound by time and does not have a beginning, or an end for that matter. To be sure, if an atheist is arguing against a god that had a beginning, I would gladly join her. The God of the Bible had no beginning.

If you think this is a cop-out, I would ask you: If not God, what was the first cause of everything? Modern science has moved us beyond the idea that the universe itself  is eternal, so what then is? You may believe that everything came from nothing, but I think it is at the very least just as likely that there is an un-created Creator that has a plan for his creation. I hope you’ll give this some consideration and  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Haden lives in North Texas with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

51 thoughts on “Who Created God?

  1. When I was a child, I asked my grandmother this same question. She told me that I was asking a stupid question, which I now think was her way of ducking and dodging. I have thought of it from time to time, but now not so much. I think of God as a spiritual energy that we can’t really understand completely. One day we will know and understand the answer, but for now I am satisfied in having faith.

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  2. Interesting that you started this discourse with a reference to furniture. As the bed cannot comprehend the carpenter, neither can even the sharpest of human minds comprehend the Creator. We do well, though, to acknowledge His eternity, past and future.

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  3. Thanks for leaving me a follow today. I came over to do the same. I like your concise answers to difficult questions. Sometimes there is not reason to get so words when one has to just trust God. We will never know all about Him and his ways.

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  4. No, not a cop out, at all! God (Father, Son, & Spirit) were all there in the beginning before time existed. And that was good! The more I read, study and research Chritianity, God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit…this is the wisest and most logical & reasonable conclusion.

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  5. The “big bang theory” for the origin of the universe was actually formulated by Catholic priest George Lemaitre. There is all kinds of speculation about what — if anything — existed before that.

    Christian apologist John Lennox discusses the extensive evidence for creation by design on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWmR_K1Bm4w and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXBDaV6XRUM. He’s both engaging and persuasive.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


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  6. Most eye catching title. I am glad you believe that God wasn’t created and just is.

    I believe we are Souls, spiritual energy, light and immortal. God is the supreme Soul. We Souls come down into a human form and get a bit stuck in the birth and death cycle. We started off good and then we lost the goodness and forgot we are souls. And now is the time God comes to wake us up..

    I believe in God .

    Great post great question

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  7. Who says there was ever nothing? An uncreated creator is just as wild of a thought as no creator. What makes me an atheist is that I am happier trying to figure out a nature that cannot speak for itself than a god that doesn’t want to.
    Personally, I got very bored of speaking on behalf of God and realised he should be doing this himself. How is a god capable of creating a universe but not a WordPress account to speak to us on our level? My aim now is to tell people they shouldn’t worship a god that they also have to do all the talking for.
    Just a few thoughts I wanted to share 🙂

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    1. Sam, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think it is safe to say there is either nothing, or there is something beyond the universe. Through philosophical reasoning I arrive at the conclusion that something does, and I call that something, “God”. As for God.wordpress.com, wouldn’t it be nice if God wrote an entire book and not just a blog?(; You see, I believe God has spoken through his Son and through the Bible. I’ll do a blog on that in the near future! Thanks again!

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      1. No no… A book is a terrible idea! In a fast moving world we like to be updated daily by the people we look up to, be it a celebrity, author or whoever it is we are inspired by. To write a book is a disaster for anyone who wants to maintain a big following in my opinion!
        Thank you for the conversation and I’ll look out for the blog post 🙂

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  8. I remember being in the kitchen with my mom. Maybe I was 6 or 7, and though I did not ask your question verbatim, my question was where did God come from. Without a pause she said, “He just was.” That, for me was quite acceptable. Still is though my tiny brain cannot accommodate the truth of it I accept it on faith.

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  9. Yes, God made everything we know of., including us. In my science-based doctoral studies, my mind listened to the many intelligent-sounding arguments, based entirely on religious assertations, whether for or against God (not believing is also a religion and becomes the God or the scientists do). The more detail you are shown, the more layers you see under microscopes, the more utterly ridiculous and demeaning the religion of evolution is. There is no question in my mind whatsoever. My advice is to really think. And ask God, really wanting to know, because if He is God, He will speak for Himself, right? And He does. In nature, a still small voice, in a feeling wafting over you, in a word. ❤

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  10. Welcome to Virtual Vitamins! I’m delighted to see you’re a graduate of SWBTS, as I am. May my words be a blessing to you, as I’m sure yours are to many.


  11. Yes, my favorite proof of God is the concept of the uncreated cause. It, like all proofs of the existence of God is not definitive and there are many arguments against it. One of those is that things arise out of nothing and the quantum soup, a quantum field permeating the vacuum of space in which particles arise, seemingly out of nothing, then disappear into nothing. So, the universe didn’t need a cause; it could have arisen out of nothing.The counter to this is to argue, quite reasonably I think, that the quantum soup is not “nothing;” it is something. Seems obvious to me, but some theoretical physicists don’t agree.

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  12. I asked my dad questions like these as a child too! And I agree with the points you made! There has to be a power and creator that was not created itself but simply ALWAYS was! And that power is our Heavenly Father. He was, He is, and will always be!…Awesome post, God bless!


  13. Thanks for following my blog… I liked your post and a good question, I used to answer that same question from the pulpit in this way… “God is the un-caused cause of everything that exists”.

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  14. Thank you for following The Ruminant Scribe. I appreciate your stopping by and I look forward to sharing with you in the days to come. I found it interesting and quite providential that this was the post I read. Next week we will be starting a series on The Ruminant Scribe about the attributes of God, and the first one is Eternality, or the fact that God is eternal. I pray that it will be encouraging to you. Blessings, and again, thank you for stopping by the blog.

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  15. God Himself answers this question for us in His Word, one place being Revelation 1:8 – “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” He also calls Himself “I Am” a present tense name. I appreciate that you followed my Healing Writer blog and look forward to future dialog. Bless you Haden!

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  16. Love your style of writing. Takes me back to bunkbeds of my own and my sister and I did the same thing. Thank you for following daily Bible prayer. I pray that your life will be enriched and your relationship with God deepened through scripture and prayer. Laura

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  17. Thank you Haden for following my blog, I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    The bunk beds were a great visual, as I have just completed making bedclothes for my granddaughter”’s dolls bunkbed.

    It’s hard for our minds that are caught in time to think of anything, or anyone outside the realm of time. It’s when we surrender to God’s love for us and accept his invitation of salvation that we start to know him and have two way conversations with him. Yes, he speaks to us usually in the quietness of our spirit, through his written word (the best selling book of all time…the holy bible). He doesn’t need to shout or speak loudly because his spirit is in us…it’s that close of a relationship.


  18. A great post! One of the first songs I remember hearing at church had these lyrics: “By and by when the morning come, when all the saints of God are gathering home. We will tell the story of how we overcome, and we will understand it better by and by.” So, I expect the answer will be clearer in Heaven. I do not try to explain God in human terms, for our minds just aren’t big enough to do it. I explain Him in terms of his actions in my life and the lives of others, like when I cry out and He answers. In the same way, I only know the wind is real when I feel it nudge me down the street or see the flags blowing. What matters to me is His touch, not where He comes from or how He was created. The Scriptures say we shall be like him and see Him face to face. So, like Paul in I Corinthians 13:12, it is a mystery now, but we shall know everything, just as we are known. Thank you for following our blog. It means the world to us. Regina

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  19. interesting blog, you have there, Haden. Keep up the good work.Thanks for the follows

    Blessings “early bird” craig

    PS Best wishes from the First City to see the light


  20. Thanks for the follow Haden! — christian writers have a great call to dip our pens into the murky waters of todays’ vain philosophies and allow the healing virtue of truth to seep back into the cultural conversation, bringing clarity and light. You are doing it well. Continued grace as you do! Denise

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  21. Thank you for the follow. I think the atheists I have run across all use the same play book. I get the’ but how can God be loving if there is a parasite that eats people’s eyeballs’?

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  22. Who created God? No one. Great response! No one created God yet He exists. We can’t understand how He exists being the uncreated Creator that He is because the finite can’t grasp His infinite mind. Good post!


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